Imagine, for a moment, if we actually had a new kind of ballot.

Since we no longer have a grip on “true” versus “fake,” instead of voting for or against a candidate, we get a long list of True/False boxes for each nominee. We fill them in.

When we are finished, we add up the “true” and “false” values, then vote for whoever gets the most “true” checks. It won’t mean that the candidate is more truthful, only that we think he or she is — as Stephen Colbert so well put it — “truthier.”

True versus false?

We no longer believe in science and are letting the earth slide into disaster. We aren’t vaccinating children, so measles and whooping-cough have returned and are gaining ground with each year of vaccine-free kids.

If we aren’t going to believe in provable facts, why not design our own “truth” for voting? Let’s skip reality entirely and base our votes on what we read on Facebook or the back of a cereal box.

Or maybe we can give up using ballots at all. Just toss horseshoes at hooks. Wherever they land, someone gets that vote. It’ll work as well as anything else has.

I never imagined a world like this. I’m living in it and I still can’t imagine it.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all of us!

29 thoughts on “A NEW KIND OF BALLOT FOR A NEW KIND OF TRUTH — Marilyn Armstrong”

      1. I keep looking at the crowds in the latest DONZO rallies. They still don’t get it. They must’ve overdosed on the kool-aid. You can see it in their vapid faces. SCARY.


  1. We have a direct democracy and we vote almost every two months for something or the other. We are almost voting like that now, voting is one of our pasttimes


    1. If asked, I’m ready! Garry is ready! All we retired libs are ready! If the world is going to be incredibly stupid, why not jump in and help? We can’t seem to make it better, so maybe if we make it sufficiently AWFUL, someone will stop and think … “Hey, this is really AWFUL.” You never know.

      But hell yeah. I’ll do it. I don’t know if my printer is fast enough, though. We’d need people in every state to help. You on?

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    1. It is, isn’t it? Kind of like the 16tj century. Back and back and back some more. Maybe we’ll get to the point when we get fully into it and make science illegal. Why not? It almost is already.


  2. I can’t believe it either. Makes me so sad to think of how things will be for my kids. Dipshits’ hats should say “Make America The Worst It’s Been Since The Civil War”.


    1. It makes me downright depressed, but I spend a LOT of energy not obsessing over it. In a way, blogging helps me let off that steam and I can bury myself in books, movies, and baseball the rest of the time. But you know? We live in the country and EVERY day, we have to go out to the front along the road and pick up the trash people throw out of their windows. What kind of people DO that?

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      1. We live rurally as well, and we have the same issue at times. In my opinion, it’s selfishness, entitlement, stupidity, or a combo of all three. We’ve even thought of setting game cameras to catch the bastards.


  3. Even those outside the USA are worried.. not only because we have our own three ring circus going on with Brexit, but because we are globally connected now.. Your president sneezes and we all get the cold. I do like the idea of a complete overhaul of the voting system however, it seems to be broken on both sides of the Atlantic. There are too many politicians anyway.. most countries could be managed by an effective board of directors. It is time for change.. so everyone has to go out an vote and if there is a massive majority one way or another we have to make that decision work.


    1. We’ve been watching a lot of Australian television and they seem pretty broken too. EVERYONE seems to wind up corrupted, no matter how good their intentions were when they started. Sauron is running world politics. People vote without thinking and don’t recognize the difference between reality and fiction, It’s hard to figure out what to do about that. It’s like living in a snow globe. Someone shook the globe and now everything is falling on us. I don’t even understand how we went from moving into the future to sliding back to a pre-science, pre-truth era.

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      1. I agree Marilyn far too many spin doctors that I don’t think even those at the top even know what the truth is. Add in the fake news brigade on social media and it is beyond fictional. It will be interesting for us all to see whether people will go and vote on November 6th and exactly what they really think.. The same with Brexit..it was voted for by the people… now comes the reality.


        1. I know that media does tell the truth on important issues — most of the time. The problem is that everyone (literally EVERYONE) has his/her own ‘spin’ on it and to a lot of people who don’t “get” how media works, a “spin” and a “lie” don’t seem materially different. But they are because a spin starts working from a framework of truth and tries to bring you around to that point of view. A lie starts with an untruth then tries to convince you that what you KNOW is true, is NOT. But it’s hard to explain this. Garry has tried a bunch of times because he spent his life doing his best to convey the truth to his public and did a very good job of it, too. Most “real” newspeople work from a basis of truth. They work (not counting Fox News, of course, or anyone employed by Rupert Murdoch) hard to dig through the crap and find the truth. But bloggers? “Social media” pundits? They have nothing to live up to. They don’t even believe that what they do has a moral component and many of them have no conscience that I can observe..

          I think Alice down the rabbit’s hole was in a world that made more sense than this one.

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