FOTD โ€“ A Chilly Night

It’s actually cold tonight. It was raining earlier. We had a little tornado and the power went out for about an hour. And it’s the first night of the World Series, so we were really hoping the band of storms would move out to see.

In Douglas, yesterday this maple was very bright!

It did. Game on!

The path along the river – Photo: Garry Armstrong


Summer never wanted to end, but winter seems pretty eager to begin.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

We got one and a half sunny days. Knowing how erratic our weather is, we went shooting on both days. Another day we went out, we managed to shoot during a sunny hour between the rains.

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28 replies

  1. All that beauty before the monotony of snow.

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  2. Lovely trees. We have very few that change colors here in Southern California, but I remember them from living back East.

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    • This year, we didn’t have many changing here, either! Between the long hot summer and the endless rain, we just didn’t get the weather to make a special autumn. Maybe next year. It’s pretty, mind you, but it isn’t as amazing as it usually gets. It’s our best season except when it isn’t.


  3. Super Autumn (sorry – Fall) shots!

    Our team WON the Grand Final this year! Hope it’s another good omen for the ‘Sox! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. Amazing pictures. Thanks for sharing


  5. Good contrasts on the tree in the first shot


  6. Sounds like it must have been a good game.

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  7. Love the next-to-last shot — the one of leaves!

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