Two Weeks Before the Election, Will Female Democrats Show Up

Well said. I’m always happy when someone else says what I’m thinking. I’m too tired to reinvent the wheel this morning.


As Nov. 6, 2018 — voting day — creeps ever closer, a record number of Democratic Party women are on the ballots. Yes there are a lot of Trumplican women, too.

The question is, will the usually absent midterm Democratic Party voters show up? Will more of “them” go to polling places and become the breakers to the touted “Blue Wave?”

My pessimistic side tells me Dems won’t show. May I be proven wrong.

I don’t pick favorite sports teams, they seem to always crush my hopes. Same with political candidates. Prayers don’t work — if they did Donald Trump and his Trumplican Party would no longer exist.

After almost 10 years — from G.W. Bush to Donald Trump — of the most evil, despicable, racist, crooked Republican Congress, ever, the hope for a Blue takeover is high. But, fear is equally high among pessimists.

Of the over 500 women…

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  1. we can only hope.


  2. Boy, I sure hope that the “ladies” get out there and vote.., especially in light of recent events.


  3. Hi Marilyn! Hugs for this shared post!
    I have always voted. This is due to my immigrant grandparents from Sweden and Germany. They were so proud, genuinely believing in America. They scolded us when my brothers played Cowboys and Indians. “No no!” Overheard “Rocky and Bullwinkle” and were offended of the Russian accents and stereotypes of Natasha. . .
    This Spring, 2018; in our central Ohio, many people came out in Delaware, Ohio. My Cleveland, Ohio brothers told me they heard on their news people came out to vote for only one candidate here. This was true! No issues, just a change for our local Congressman.
    Yay, for change! Yay, for everyone’s rights, including women voting. I sincerely scold whoever I hear say these awful words, “My vote won’t change anything!” Shame on them.


  4. I’m always encouraged by hearing the women’s side, but discouraged by their lack of votes. What does it take to get them up and out and putting their money where their mouths are? VOTE, LADIES!

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    • I don’t know if anything will work. Everyone wants democracy, but people don’t seem all that eager to do anything about it. And it’s not just here, either, Other countries have lots of non-voters too. Even places like Australia where they have made voting mandatory, they get what people refer to as “stupid votes,” people just voting without knowledge or thought. Maybe that’s why democracies don’t last.

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      • I hope you are wrong about a Dems “no show” in the mid terms. Not even the laziest can claim a legit excuse NOT to vote. A pox on all who just sit on their tushes and wail about the state of our nation.


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