Adorable Yet Endless

Garry retired to the bedroom after the 10th inning. Not that he was giving up on the game. He just wanted to watch it in bed. I’m more comfortable sitting up, so I stayed in the living room.

Sometime after midnight, the dogs got restless. I was sitting on their bed. Mind you, they have another entire sofa and right now, all three of them are in a coma on it. At night, though, they like to spread out. They give us the evil eye. Mental arrows: ” Pass the late night treats and go to your OWN beds!” Woof.

Game three of the World Series. A pitcher’s battle. It’s the ninth inning and the score is Angels – 1 and Red Sox – 0. Everyone has played brilliantly. I’m willing to give this one to the Dodgers, but in the top of the ninth, the Sox got a singleton homer and at the bottom of the inning, the score was 1-1. There are no”ties” in baseball (or for that matter, basketball or football either). Only hockey allows tied games. And in this case, this being the World Series, they were going to play forever if necessary.

They ran out of baseballs twice. Or was it three times? Four times? That actually meant hundreds of balls were all over the park.

“Game 3 was the longest postseason game in MLB history at seven hours, 20 minutes. It surpassed the previous record of six hours, 23 minutes, which was set in Game 2 of the 2014 NLDS between the Giants and Nationals in Washington (San Francisco won that game, 2-1, in 18 innings).

• Game 3 was only the eighth game of any kind (regular season or postseason) since at least 1908 to exceed seven hours in length. The last was on Aug. 24, 2013, between the Phillies and D-backs, which lasted seven hours, six minutes (Arizona won, 12-7, in 18 innings).

• In terms of longest World Series games, Game 3 eclipsed Game 3 of the 2005 World Series in total length — that game between the White Sox and Astros was five hours, 41 minutes, ending in a 7-5 Chicago victory in 14 innings at Minute Maid Park. The White Sox went on to sweep the Astros for their first World Series title in 88 years.

Friday’s Game 3 between the Red Sox and Dodgers also set a new record for longest World Series game in terms of innings, at 18. The aforementioned Game 3 in 2005, as well as Game 1 in 2015 (Royals 5, Mets 4) and Game 2 in 1916 between the same two franchises that are playing in this year’s Fall Classic (Dodgers 2, Red Sox 1) held the previous mark at 14 innings.

• To put the time it took to play Game 3 in perspective, consider this note from STATS: The entire 1939 World Series finished in less time, wrapping up in a tidy seven hours, five minutes. The Yankees swept the Reds in that one, with none of the four games lasting longer than two hours, four minutes.”

2018 World Series Game 3 Statistics – MLB NEWS

We started watching around 8:30 in the evening. At three in the morning, I came out of the bathroom and the game was still tied at 2 to 2. I asked Garry what would happen if the game went on so long it bumped into the next day’s game?

“Interesting question,” he said. I had a mental image of the game that never ended. Thousands of baseballs later, the exhausted teams, no longer able to throw, run, or bat would just lay in their places on the field and sleep on the grass.

BOSTON, MA – October 24: Boston Red Sox’s Andrew Benintendi catches a fly ball hit by Los Angeles Dodgers’ Brian Dozier during the fifth inning of Game Two of Major League baseball’s World Series at Fenway Park on October 24, 2018, in Boston, Massachusetts. (Staff photo by Christopher Evans)

Regardless, both teams used everybody. Every player, every pitcher. Everyone looked tired and beat up. How will they play today? No one can run. They will all limp from base to base.

It was an adorable game in a baseball kind of way. When somewhere around the 14th or 15th inning, Cora used his last batter — which meant there was no one else he could use who was actually a batter — you had to figure something was bound to happen.

I was coming back out of the bathroom (again) during which time the Dodgers had hit a homer.

The game was over. Finally. Garry flipped off the light and I murmured “I thought it would never end!” By then, I didn’t care who won. I was just glad it was finished. I’m sure the players, announcers, even the crew agreed.

33 thoughts on “AND THE GAME WENT ON AND ON AND ON – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. I was at work and oblivious to the fact that the game was still going on during my 2 AM lunch hour. I wish I could up in a 7 hour and 20 minute workday and have that considered to be historically long….

    Just a note on ties… football still allows them (There’ve been two ties in the NFL this year), and hockey eliminated them about 10 years ago with tie games now ending in a shootout to determine the winner. Baseball’s probably headed that way sometime in the future since the current Commissioner seems to be terribly allergic to games that last longer than 3 hours under ANY circumstance… even thrilling extra inning classics like this was.


    • Garry says that anything is possible in the regular season, but not in the world series. SOMEONE has to win because — well — you know. TV contracts and all that. There’s a schedule and a LOT of money on the line. So whatever they do in regular season, they aren’t going to change the playoffs. Contracts. BIG money.

      They really WERE exhausted last night. Half of them looked like they needed an ambulance.

      And we JUST took the lead. I just want this game to end normally. I can’t handle another game that never ends.

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  2. Even on the west coast, that was too long a game. I fell asleep at about the 12th inning, and woke up a couple of times to see that the score had (a) added another run for each side, and (b) not changed! By the end, the stadium was still about 3/4 full — but the cheers sounded a little sleepy on the reruns! I have to laugh each time your Kimbrel is pitching — he must try to intimidate the batters before each pitch, or something! I’m glad it was at least in Southern California, where it was still about 65 degrees when the game ended! And now, here we go again!


  3. Wow! Did they end up playing to an empty stadium? Baseball must be like tennis. It goes on till somebody cracks. In cricket, there is always a set number of overs and in the shortest form T20 where ties are not allowed, there is a “super over” to decide the winner.
    It’s pretty rough having to play again the next day. I bet those guys will spend most of today asleep or in an ice bath. Glad they won for you though.


  4. I’m on the west coast and even I couldn’t stay up for the game. And I, too, wonder how these tired players are going to cope in tonight’s game.


  5. My eyes were glazing over by the last inning. I had to cancel plans for my “late show” movie viewing. I still got up twice around dawn to herd the fuzzies out into the pouring rain. They weren’t happy. Tough!

    So, who starts tonight for the Bosox? Mebbe Pedro, eh?


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