AND TONIGHT, THE STORM – Marilyn & Garry Armstrong

FOTD – October 27, 2018 – Autumn Leaves

We had a beautiful sunny day today and whatever Autumn we are getting this year, I think this was the last day of it. Tonight, tomorrow, and possibly for the two following days, we’re getting a nor’easter.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

Not snow (phew), but lots of rain and wind and more falling trees. There are still a lot of limbs down in the back from the last storm, just a few days ago.

Early autumn at Manchaug

This is no fit weather for October. Effectively, the month is over anyway. Some pretty pictures have come from it, but it will be another year before it comes round again.


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9 replies

  1. It was cold and rainy here today.


  2. The waterfall is gorgeous and you shot it at a great angle!


  3. Love that photo – early Autumn and Manchaug. Gorgeous. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed an autumn more than this one, it’s been spectacular – colourful, bright, crisp, with blue skies and sun. We had rain for 2 days and back to crisply autumn. What a treat!

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  4. I love the waterfall shot!


  5. The year has flown by so fast. Why do they get faster as we get older?

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  6. Autumn is really a wonderful time of the year for the camera

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