Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge:
Tongues and Tails

Garry got the best horse’s tails, but I got Duke’s tail and tongue. He has an amazing tail. Not a half bad tongue either.

I also had some great cow tails too, but my favorite didn’t work in black and white. He was so patchy, black and white, he literally blended with the foliage. You could see his tail, but his entire head got lost in the dappled foliage. So that particular cow didn’t make the cut.

Photo: Garry Armstrong. That’s one great horsetail! 

Photo: Garry Armstrong – Another great horsetail

Photo: Marilyn Armstrong – Cows also have tails 

Duke’s glorious tail – Photo: Marilyn Armstrong

Duke’s ever-ready tongue. Watch out! All food belongs to him! Photo: Marilyn Armstrong 



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20 replies

  1. No humans with tails? We really got ripped off by evolution…


  2. This is a beautiful reminder of all the horses’ tails I’ve brushed and the cat tail I’m still brushing.

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  3. You both got some real great photos for this week. Thanks. 😀

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  4. Thanks for sharing the pictures. You dog looks very serious, almost human like!

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  5. Duke has such a unique expression always

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