1. And only if you’re ABLE to vote because your name hasn’t been mysteriously removed from the voter roles, and you vote hasn’t been rejected or tampered with, you weren’t provided with incorrect information on where and when to vote, or you’re not black or brown, etc., etc.

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  2. I would like to hug this woman. This is the first hopeful sign I’ve had ever since I learned the world is being run by a group of pathologically greedy scumbags. There are no depths to which these people will not sink to make money and destroy people’s lives. Hurrah for Abigail Disney. I hope she has similar friends.

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    1. I’m sure — in fact I KNOW she does. There are quite a lot of them, but until we win an election — now less than two weeks to go, nothing much gets done. This is a very scary time. I feel like I’m reliving the world before the Holocaust.

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      1. I have a sense of prevailing doom too. What happens with you in the US has massive implications for us. The tax break and tax avoidance business is crippling the lives of ordinary people, and it seems the UK is a major player in the tax haven game. It’s one of the reasons why certain influential people want brexit. The EU is trying to stop such bad behaviour.


        1. This is an international mess and I don’t understand how we got here from where we were just a few years ago. What HAPPENED? I grant you no one is worse than Trump. He’s like a parody of a 21st century “leader.” I sure do hope this election works for us because I dread to imagine how we will survive otherwise.

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          1. There’s a documentary film kicking round on YouTube made by the Tax Justice Network. It’s called the Spider’s web: Britain’s second empire. It explains a great deal of how we are where we are. On both sides of the Atlantic, and across much of the planet.


  3. What can i say??

    I’ve KNOWN this for decades, but it’s kinda special to have it validated and verified by a member of the 1%.

    Are we sure no ‘liberal left-wing loonie’ group had kidnapped this woman and forced her to spray this Commy propaganda?? 😉

    or maybe the Chinese want a piece of the US vote-rigging and not leave it all to those darn Ruskies, so they promised AD they’d get the Democrats in if she played ball???

    I mean… you just can’t tell what’s REAL anymore – can you?

    #MAGA 😉

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      1. The silly thing about our parties is that the Liberal Party are the conservative party and the Labor Party are the liberal party. The Libs used to be a lot more moderate but have strayed much further to the right in my opinion. Sometimes I vote Green but the two party system is very entrenched.


          1. Of course we have minor parties, the Greens being the most prominent of the Left wing, there are lots of parties more right wing than the present government which is scary. Their preferences may get them across the line next election. I remember once, when I was very young, writing to a penfriend that I wondered if it wouldn’t be better to have a parliament of independent members who would be free to vote on what their constituents actually wanted. He was doubtful it would work. Possibly it would mean nothing got done at all. I don’t know. I was more idealistic then.


  4. I know I only have 349 followers, but how do I “re-blog” again??

    I already sent your post Marilyn, to everyone one in my email address book, (way more than my blog followers) and though it might be reaching to the choir, I still believe in the 100th Monkey theory!!!

    Thanks for sharing this!

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