Wasting away in MAGA-ritaville – REBLOG – THE SHINBONE STAR

I can’t write about these last two horrors. I’m literally too angry and upset … and on some level, scared. If this election goes wrong, our geese (or is that gooses?) are cooked.


MAGA-ritaville, infested with MAGATs.

Sunday, first day of a new week still dripping with horror from the one that went before.

We’re wasting away in MAGA-ritaville, people, a place where Americans of conscience must divide their attention between a plot to assassinate high-profile foes of President Donald Trump by one of his acolytes, and the horror of a Pittsburgh synagogue shooting where a right-wing extremist who called Jews the “children of Satan” murdered 11 of them.

And the president? No acknowledgement that his hate-filled agenda has anything to do with either case, even though one suspect’s vehicle was a rolling shrine to MAGA ideals, while the other’s hatred for a Jewish group that provided assistance to immigrants is a page from the course syllabus for Trumpism 101.

Facebook — swarming with news of both horrors — says I must be angry or sad, with no possibility of being both. And…

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Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

8 thoughts on “Wasting away in MAGA-ritaville – REBLOG – THE SHINBONE STAR”

    1. That’s why I can’t write about it. I’ve reached an almost explosive level of rage and frustration. When they took out the synagogue last night, all I could think was “what took them so long?” and “wasn’t this supposed to be over by now?”

      I feel like all the years I’ve lived through have somehow been erased. It’s awful.


  1. I appreciate the share. I do wonder, though, if angry appeals will work to motivate those who generally don’t vote?

    I suspect this post was a desperate venting of the rage and impotence caused by witnessing the vile devolution of our country. I have a very hard time putting into words the complete exhaustion and depression I feel whenever I hear about another gun-related tragedy. And the immediately expected responses–how this tragedy should be mourned but in no way change our laws/views/opinions on the status quo. The ineffectual denials/this-isn’t-about-guns-speeches-we-should-do-something-about-the-mental-health-crises kneejerk claptrap of all those who represent the narrowest margin of extremists in this country.

    GAH. This is why I can’t write about gun politics. I can’t remain polite and unbiased. Not when people defend guns over human lives. Maybe restricting gun ownership and limiting what kind of weapons people can access won’t make a difference…but could we try first before declaring change impossible?


    1. I can’t even talk about it. I really can’t. Not even a moment of personal accountability. Not even a hint of maybe having had a little something to do with the problem. It’s easier for me to let someone else write it because I can’t. It’s getting downright personal.

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