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I was just reading a post on “NewEnglandGardenAndThread” about how in several years, New England’s climate will change from 5 to a 7 or 8.

Here’s a quote and a map:

(The speaker said that) … in her ‘lifetime’ (she was 50), New Hampshire would go from growing zone 5 to a 7 or 8.

Think about that for just a minute.

If we go to a 7 or 8 growing zone, the ski industry will be a thing of the past, the sugar maples will die from heat and pollution, and the maple syrup industry will be over in this country. If New England increases two growing zones, what does that mean for Florida and all of its fruit growers, as well as the rest of the country? It really is mind-boggling.

I keep trying to explain this to people and they refuse to believe it. They say things like “not all scientists agree on this.”

Except, yes, really, scientists all agree on this. All of them. They may not be sure how long the change will take and where it will happen first, second, third, but that it will happen? 100% agreement that the climate is changing fast and people who are already well into middle age will live to see the results.

Many people apparently believe “climate change” is something that happens all of a sudden. Like in exactly 12 years, the world’s “life” switch turns off and that’s it. Game over.

But this isn’t sports and there are no innings or overtime. Folks don’t realize change is a varied process. Changes will happen incrementally at different rates in different places.

Many people really don’t want to know, so they refuse to hear it. It doesn’t matter if you are a saint or the worst sinner on Earth, there’s no “get out of jail free” card on this. And the stuff that the current administration is doing to the environment is absolutely going to make it happen faster and uglier. It is terrifying and frustrating to try to make the determined non-believers recognize that yes, really, this is scientific fact and anyone who believes in science agrees.

The disbelievers are not scientists. They are misinformed bloggers or people who have degrees in other areas, but not climate.

Climate change is not a lie. It isn’t fake. It will ruin your world even if you don’t believe it. What can you do? Vote people into office who will make the effort to protect us. Those currently in power believe they can treat the world however they want and there are no consequences. But there are already significant consequences if you choose to look.

All I hope for is a change in administration so whoever is in charge understands what needs to be done will be in charge and take us off this edge of the world in which we are standing. I’m not good with edges and ledges.

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  1. Whoever disagrees is in denial.


  2. Predictions are in regarding which cities will be flooded first and are already suffering and preparing for such an event. I don’t understand – again – the writing is on the wall…open your eyes people and see the reality – take the damn blinders off and look at the big fraken picture!


  3. It’s interesting that landscape architects and others involved in the building of homes are having to adjust to rising sea levels and changing climates, but others don’t believe it is an issue. Hmm.


  4. It’s not going to be pretty, that’s for sure. 😦


  5. An inconvenient truth.


  6. I wish mothers would unite and have their say. They can be a powerful force. I also wish all the women could stage a real “Lysistratra” production world-wide. The Greeks knew what worked.


  7. Here’s to positive change.


  8. People don’t believe it because they don’t want to give up their gas guzzling trucks that never pull a thing or even get muddy, their McMansions that require countless lights, or be hassled by having to separate their recyclables from trash. People are just plain lazy and selfish. They’ll realize soon enough. And no F250 will save them. Not sure why the ones who deny it’s happening aren’t worried about what their children and grandchildren may have to face. It’s maddening.

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    • I’m sure the rich think that their money will save them. The poor don’t seem to even read the news, so they know nothing and will wonder what’s going on and the rest? the problem is this is something that really DOES need central government involvement. Individuals can’t go it alone. If your government doesn’t help and like ours, actually causes more damage, you really ARE doomed.

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      • Agreed on all points. And no amount of money is change their outcome. Proof, yet again, that politicians suck and do not care about anything other re-election and lining their pockets.


  9. Most people will be say things like fake news and conspiracy by climate scientists!

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    • Yes, but you know? THEIR world will also be decimated. You don’t have to believe. It’s going to happen anyhow. That’s the thing. There really are no “get out of jail free” cards for anyone, anywhere, no matter WHAT you believe. People in high elevations will do better for a little longer, but the temperature of the entire earth is rising and so is the water level in many places.

      Mar-a-Lago is going to sink, you know. The water level has been rising all over Florida and the ground is getting mushy. Eventually, everything sinks. I’m sure it will be because (tada) THE DEMOCRATS DID IT!

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      • But telling them the facts are like talking to a wall, with no ears! The rest of the world wants to follow the Paris accord but not US of A!


        • When you are in denial, you can’t hear anything. That’s how I married husband two. EVERYONE said “don’t do it!” but I wasn’t hearing them and it was a hideous mistake. Denial is a powerful thing. There are times when it can save you because the truth will only hurt more … but in this case, nothing will help except to get governments on board. We are WAY past individuals — unless they own major corporations — who can do much to stop it.

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      • Hope Donzo’s on his home links when stuff happens. He’ll get the best hole in one of his miserable life.


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