COSTUMES – Marilyn Armstrong

RDP Wednesday – COSTUMES

Photos: Garry Armstrong

I wanted to wear a different pair of earrings today. I’ve had them quite a while, but I’ve never worn them. Not they I don’t love them, because I really do. They are gorgeous. Big, bright, beaded. Which also means they are quite lightweight and comfortable. All good.

Black and silver

But big bead earrings break. They are great for a while, the one day you feel this strange feeling that something is spilling off your head and it’s your gorgeous long bead earring become a million tiny beads. I have a set that I wanted to wear today that are black ravens with turquoise eyes, but one of them has come slightly unraveled and I’m afraid if I wear them, it will come completely apart.

Red and turquoise

So I admire them in the jewelry box and worry about wearing them. Of the most beloved bead earrings, I am wearing the sturdiest pair. These are built on a silver frame with silver beats and tips. I think it’s the silver that protects them because I’ve had versions of these for at least six or seven years. I wear them a lot and none of broken.

I have two pairs of them in black and silver. Identical. I thought I had lost a set, so I bought another — and of course, promptly found the originals. I still periodically misplace jewelry, though less often than I used to. This might be because I travel less, though it turns out most of my misplacement took place at home. I only thought I left them somewhere else.

They always turn up where I’m sure I’ve already looked many times. Have I mentioned “the pixie factor”?

Red and turquoise again

Except for my beautiful green turquoise earrings which seem to have vanished for good and all.

I have bead earring in varying shades of red with silver and dark purple. I have them in red and turquoise. Another pair which looks like red and turquoise, but includes some dark purple beads too. I’m sure the designer and I are the only people who can tell the difference.

I have them in all turquoise, too.

Red earrings – at Manchaug

Every time this designer makes a new pair, I buy them. She only makes one at a time and though the differences are getting subtle, I love them. I’ve now got 6 pairs of them in various color combinations. I wish she’d make a set in a new set of colors. I can but hope.

Costuming for me is dressing “up” which actually means the same clothing I wear, but clean (no dog hair or for that matter, my own hair), solid so the jewelry shows well. Basically, black yoga pants, a black top, and my best Native American jewelry can get me through almost anything except sometimes, a wedding.

Photo: Garry Armstrong – Black ones again

No Halloween costume. Sorry!

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21 replies

  1. I think jewelry would feel weird on me because I’ve literally never worn any before. Those earrings, while pretty, I think would start to annoy me after a while like my hair does when it hangs all down in my face because I’ve put off getting it cut again. Heck, I don’t even like wearing a hat…


    • Garry has a single gold chain he never removes, a wedding ring he wears when his fingers aren’t swollen … and one other ring he wears for “fancy.” And nothing else. Oh, yes, right. He wears a watch.

      I used to wear quite a lot of jewelry, but now, I wear earrings and usually nothing else. They have become part of my face, more or less. I feel weird without them. And I tie my hair back. It makes me crazy when it flops all over my face. And it’s really hard to take pictures when your hair is everywhere.

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  2. Love all your beaded earrings… they are hard to find- I will see them at crafts fairs sometimes. I had many pairs as a teenager in the 70’s. Yours are beautiful


  3. I used to have a pair very similar in white and gold. I had another pair, in peacock colours (as close as I can describe them) they were so beautiful I wore them every day. Love yours too!


  4. They are lovely earrings Marilyn. You’re lucky they aren’t too heavy. I have a blue pair I wear all the time and they keep falling off because I lost the back to them. Fortunately, they turn up on the floor or in a pocket and I catch them before I walk on them.

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  5. I love the dangly ones, too. For years and years and years, I have worn only one earring. It started when I lost one that I loved, and decided to wear the other anyway. Now,if I lose it, I still have the other one.

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  6. I love the colourful dangly earrings and I had many and would wear a different pair daily. I also had gold earrings. I was an earring person, but today? I think it must be at least two years since I bothered to wear earrings, although I still have them. I do not even know if my pierced ears still work, but they probably do.

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    • I stopped for a while, but I needed to do something to make me feel like I was alive. Otherwise, it was just old stretchy clothing and dog hair. So I still dress reasonably decently. I don’t wear rings much — fingers too swollen and they get in the way of typing and I can’t wear bracelets. If I wear a choker, I know I’m officially “dressed.”!

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