A Golden Autumn Evening

Yellow trees and our gate

It was a sunny day. A beautiful day.  I painted a little piece of my front door that needed retouching because when we replaced the lock and door handle, it didn’t precisely fit where the old one had been.

Then, after that, it got gray for a while. I was sad that we couldn’t have a single sunny day, uninterrupted. I was so sad, the sun felt sorry for me and came back.

Red maple
The road was truly golden

As we headed toward evening, the trees along the driveway turned to gold and our maple turned red and orange. Some of the roses are still blooming. They do look a little bedraggled, but alive.

Red maple, yellow aspen
Dark red maple

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all of us!

22 thoughts on “ONE GOLDEN AUTUMN EVENING – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. Ah yes.. more trees. I took at least 300 photos of trees today! Overwhelming. I loved seeing the fall colors and I can see you did as well. I used a little restraint and put just 15 on my blog. Wish I had that restraint with chocolate.


    1. Of course you are in mine. Which ones they put in the gallery is a WordPress thing.. I have more community than pictures. They also put them in the gallery in some rather odd configurations. I think this template is beginning to fade.

      You know what? I’ve been following you so long, I had your previous address listed in my links. Yet I still get all your posts. Interesting.


  2. Our leaves finally started to change – in just the last few days! If they don’t all fall from the trees by this weekend – and if it stops raining – I hope to get some decent fall foliage shots.

    (or maybe I’ll just stay in and sleep – only time will tell)


    1. I got maybe an hour last night, but at least I was smart enough to get my ass outside with the camera. It helps that we live in a pretty place. And I went for the west side of the house where the sun was setting. Usually I mean to go out and I get distracted.

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