SAFE FROM THE ZOMBIES! – Marilyn Armstrong

This is the anniversary of when I discovered this great piece of real estate. Is it still for sale? It’s still on the Internet, but as we all know, things stay permanently in cyberspace. Regardless, if you are (rightfully) concerned about the zombie apocalypse, this is the house for you!

Until I started using Facebook, I honestly never much worried about the zombie apocalypse. Naiveté? Maybe.

In my innocence, I worried about other things … the Republican Party taking over both houses of Congress (well, THAT happened) … lack of healthcare (working on that one) … polluting our environment (yup, already on-board) … cutting down the rain forests … extinction of many species.

You know, it’s possible we don’t need to wait for the zombies. The apocalypse is already here.

Eventually, Facebook entered my world. I soon realized I had been remiss. I wasn’t worried about the important stuff. What WOULD I do when the crazed zombies attacked?

When I saw this property for sale, I realized the solution was at hand. Suddenly, my mind was at peace. Because I care about all of you, I am passing along this important information. Maybe we could create a group and buy it, form a commune which would become a safe haven against the day of The Attack.

Who knows? Here’s a link for those of you with the foresight to know a great deal when you see one … plus juicy pictures to whet your appetite. I feel so much better now that I’ve shared this critical information and solved one of the big problems facing the world today.

It looks perfectly normal from above.

Media room

It’s when you start going down to lower levels that you realize you’ve come to the perfect safe house in the event of a zombie apocalypse. 

Aerial view

Aerial view

Just a beautiful house in the mountains … that’s all you see from the air. Near beautiful woods, lakes, and streams. Idyllic. You’ve got rooms for everything, even your own aircraft.

And it gets better the deeper you go. Literally.


Underground, you have a whole complete world. Check out the media room. Here, you can watch movies while remaining safe from flesh-eating, lurching zombies. Secure? Here’s secure!

Worry no more. We have your back if you have the check.


Heading down to anti-apocalyptic levels

Your personal runway

And a plane, too!

Provides a fine work environment!

And when the apocalypse arrives, here’s your entry to the safe levels

Sturdy door, very important

It used to be a missile silo, by the way

Plenty of room, including bathrooms

Plenty of room for expansion

Inside the missile silo is a 9-story structure, currently empty. Consider it would be perfect for underground condos. Bring your friends on board and recycle that air!

It used to be selling for a mere $1.7 million. If it hasn’t sold by now, maybe we could make a deal?

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34 replies

  1. gives me claustrophobia!!


  2. That is just crazy. I don’t have the millions for that.
    If the Bomb drops I’m just going to enjoy the view.


  3. Interesting thought there, not sure I’d want to stick around for any kind of apocalypse. There are worse things than dying.
    Just bury me in the rose garden.


  4. Oh wow. Very cheap. Pocket change—ha ha


  5. Stay safe from all that threatens us! Climate change is real and here. I have my doubts about the zombies 🧟‍♀️!


  6. Every man for him or herself, Marilyn. You will need to stock the silo with food. You may be down there for a very long time.


  7. I am reading The Stand by Stephen King at the moment and the first 20 pages are unsettling


  8. I have seen this somewhere before, along with some others, and thought it was pretty cool.., but I had no idea it was for sale? Hmmmm…..


  9. But.. what happens when the polar ice caps melt and we are under water?


  10. Ah. I see now it is in the Adirondacks.


  11. Where is this, Marilyn? Colorado? South Dakota? There are tons of missiles in SD.


  12. If Trump is re-elected in 2020 you might just want to go down there anyway. Have a Go Fund Me amongst the blogging community and run it as a haven for the last people who have not gone stark raving mad.

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