WHERE PEOPLE LIVE – Marilyn Armstrong

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Places People Live

There was a time when I used to envy people who lived in grand houses. I thought of the parties they could have and how many guests could stay in stay all those bedrooms.

These days, I look at tidy little houses without steps and think “That would work for me!” It remarkably how our perspective changes as time marches along!

Worcester tenement

Old houses along the dock in Rockport, Massachusetts – one of this week’s squares

Photo: Garry Armstrong – Our house in winter

Bricks and angles on Beacon Hill

Houses along the pond at sunset

Life on Beacon Hill

Farmhouse in Uxbridge village

A Victorian “painted lady” Uxbridge, Massachusetts

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18 replies

  1. Nice houses Marilyn. Thanks for playing along. 😀


  2. Nice variety of housing.


  3. I love looking at houses. For a while, I even used to dream about different houses. I think that’s indicative of different aspects of my mind.However, If I go somewhere new, I usually end up looking at the houses and imagining what it would be like to live in them. In Slovakia, where I taught English for two years, I was enchanted with the old rare houses of wooden designs.

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  4. Lovely homes. Thanks for sharing


  5. Interesting houses. Yours looks great through the trees. One we chose and bought our place the most important thing was easy to clean. It was still in the raw state so we could decide what we wanted.


    • We bought the townhouse while it was under construction, so the house really suited us very well. It really was a very nice place with three problems:

      Electric heat which, in a New England winter, sometimes made our electric bill bigger than the mortgage
      Three flights of stairs. No problem when we moved in but it was clearly not going to stay that way
      The Big Dig and that they were building heavily in the area and all the green space was getting eaten by more building.

      Added together, it suggestedt a three-level house wasn’t going to work out well in the long one.

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  6. I do enjoy looking at houses. You seem to have a lot more two storey homes in your area than we do around here although I do like the styles of them. I’d still consider a home with stairs as long as they were not too steep but my preference for the next house is that it not have stairs.

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