A Beautiful Autumn Day in November

An orange maple leaf

It has been a pretty sad sack of Autumn in Massachusetts. Last week, the leaves finally decided to change. Unfortunately, it was in the middle of our now daily rain. A particularly heavy rain with plenty of wind.

The best leaves

I pondered the situation and realized we were indeed going to get some lovely autumn foliage, but half the trees will be naked by then. Today, finally, it was (mostly) sunny for most of the day. But tomorrow, the rain is back. Wind too. Good thing I took my camera with me. I could tell Garry wished he brought his because he had to borrow mine and take a few shots.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

Always have a camera. You just never know!

Photo: Garry Armstrong

It was a running around day. We had to catch up on errands. We get money on the first of the month, so we go shopping. By the first, we are out of everything except coffee, half-and-half, and dog food. And of course, treats for the dogs. Can’t run out of treats.

Curving rail tracks

The trees — wherever they still were trees and not naked limbs — were beautiful. Not much red, but deep orange and a glorious golden-yellow. The woods were lit up when the sun hit them.

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  1. I so adore your first and last photos today 😀


    • My artsy photos 🙂 I am SO glad I got outside yesterday to take a few pictures. I loved the way the leaf came out. I wasn’t as sure of the tracks. It was hard getting the pebbles to have the colors and contrast right.


  2. We’ve got the rain here and I think it’s going to last a couple of days.


  3. Thanks for sharing the fall colors.


  4. Most of my Fall foliage is laying on the ground in wet clumps after two days worth of icky autumn rains. For some reason it just doesn’t look as pretty down there…


  5. Lovely pictures. ❤️


  6. The best time of the year for photos

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