Facts Fuel Incentive to Vote Out Trumplanders to Save Our Country – THE SHINBONE STAR

Voting matters. Even though you are one vote, the collective number of people who DON’T vote outnumbers those who do.


Bring your friends. There are so many places where there is no vote, no choice. Please, please VOTE.


Who could forget the way smug Republicans acted — including Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) — after getting a would-be rapist onto the Supreme Court. Although Graham isn’t up for re-election this cycle, his recent performances should provide incentive to vote against his Republican cohorts.

What evidence, what proof, what hard facts do any of us need to realize our country is not better off nearly two years into the Donald J. Trump era of governance in order to vote out anyone who supports the misguided, self-absorbed person currently occupying our White House?

Just to be clear, there is no tax cut on the horizon for the middle class no matter what Donald says in the next few days. Not only is there no new tax cut, but apparently the one he and his GOP cohorts bragged so loudly about toward the end of last year never materialized for the average…

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  1. This is the most important thing for people to realise. If everyone who is eligible makes the effort to vote things can change.


  2. You are absolutely right. I was guilty, in my youth, of placing little value on voting. We can’t think like that because we are one of many. If we collectively do not vote, we collectively throw this country down the drain. The Neo-Nazis and white supremacists are quick to see an opportunity by taking advantage of our group laziness. We MUST prove them wrong by toppling this administration and its evil policies. WE NEED TO VOTE!

    There are all kinds of other obstacles out there like faulty voting machines, district gerrymandering, voter intimidation and false accusations making it even more imperative that we vote, in mass, to overwhelm these outrages.


    • Thank you. One vote doesn’t matter, but all the uncast votes matter more than I can ever say. If all the non-voters actually DID vote, there are enough of them to create a third parter BIGGER than either of the current parties. Talk about making changes!


  3. I’ve already sent in my ballot. Excuse the poor language but it (to me) like farting in a high wind, no point due to the overwhelming ‘red’ of this state, but by goodness I DID IT. And my conscience is clear for the next two years (IF I survive all the blather and b.s. we’ll endure in our search for the ‘next contestant’…IF that bag o’ poo doesn’t try to wrest the Presidency for himself (again). ) *sigh*. I really like that *Shinbone Star*! Keep sharing it! 😀


    • The thing is, it isn’t JUST YOU. It’s everybody. One person doesn’t vote? No big deal. A dozen people don’t vote? Still no big deal. MILLIONS of people don’t vote? BIG problem. And we have had more NON-voters than voters. So if everyone like you votes, we fix it. But it has to be a lot of people actually getting their ballots IN. I know my vote doesn’t count because Boston votes count and we out in the country never have much impact. But if EVERYONE who can vote would vote, it would make a HUGE difference.

      Collectively, we all matter. Unless you as an individual run for office, you are one of many. Or as we used to say “E Pluribus Unum.” One from many.

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