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FOWC with Fandango — Dry

It’s raining. Dare I say it? It’s pouring. But this is no longer unusual. It used to be the rain came and left. Recently and including today, it’s sunshine that comes briefly then vanishes.

Yesterday was a day during which it didn’t rain. It wasn’t always sunny, but it didn’t actually rain.

Just as well I took pictures because yesterday’s trees with golden leaves are today’s bare, wet bark. At least it isn’t cold. Yet.

It has been raining as if this were Portland. Definitely not anything like Massachusetts in the summer or fall. We weren’t flooded yet, probably because we never got one of the massive hurricanes. We are far enough north that we usually don’t get the full power of hurricanes … but they occasionally show up.

If they don’t show up “in person,” they show up as a close cousin. Always, they bring rain, wind, and weeks or sodden, gray weather. In the winter, they bring the blizzards. In the warmer weather, a nor’easter means nonstop rain plus a full measure of gloom.

But we also have our own little hurricanes, the infamous nor’easters that pound in from the ocean and then sit right over Boston and just keep bringing in water from the ocean in a powerful circular drive.

Two years ago — the worst ear of the 10-year drought — there was no rain, not even a drizzle through May and almost none in June.

This year, the ground is sodden and feels like a sponge. The trees are dark because the bark is wet and has stayed wet for months. There is green mold growing on our vinyl siding. Even the rocks are green.

Dry? When was that?

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  1. We’ve had crazy strong winds all day today and some rain. Naomi decided not to make her planned visit today, don’t blame her. It’s 140kms each way with wind, rain, and drivers who go to pieces at the first signs of bad weather she was better off staying home. I have friends on tank water who are on the verge of buying water as spring has been pretty dry, that’s not good so early in the season.


  2. I think we have had two days together with sun in them, maybe twice since July. Trying to fill a wood shed with 11 cords of wood is hard enough on a good year, but this year the last three rows had to be damp. I bring it in, dry it in the oven, and store it under the stove. It will be December or better before we get to the dry stuff.

    And to cheer you further, now is the time of the fall rains.

    However. It could have been worse. It could have been snow.


    • Ssssh. Don’t talk about snow. Garry will become deeply depressed, even worse than he already is. EVERYTHING is sodden here. My house is green with mold. Even the rocks are green. I’m surprised I’m not green. I don’t think we’ve had more than two days of sun in a row either. Sometimes it starts out sunny, but by lunchtime, it’s gray and so heavy with clouds it looks like night.

      At least it has been rain, not snow. I am dreading the winter.


  3. It’s been raining steadily here for the last three or four days and is expected to continue to rain through the weekend. Even when it’s not actually raining, there’s a fine, cold mist in the air, and so dark all day long. The back yard is all squishy. I was supposed to do grocery shopping today but just couldn’t talk myself into going out into that weather, considering that all my joints are already aching. I’m almost wishing for snow – at least you can walk on top of that, if you’re careful.

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    • The squishy ground sounds terribly familiar. It feels like the ground has absorbed as much water as it can and the world is mud. Soon, it will be icy mud, though the temps have gone up. It’s bone-chilling cold, but the temperature isn’t low… it’s just that drizzle that never goes away. Aren’t you glad there’s no climate change?

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  4. “Rainy season” here starts around mid-November, but we’re still experiencing a bit of a drought, so we’re hoping to get enough to get the water tables filled. Meanwhile, not a drop in the 10-day forecast.


  5. We get the N’oreasters here in NJ too. Today’s forecast was heavy rain, but so far it is a no-show. That would be fine but many weekend events were cancelled in advance. Bah!


  6. We had no rain for the whole summer, nothing to speak about, just daily sun. Now we get the misty days with more humidity and even rain now and again.


  7. We’re experiencing some rain, two-three days at most, then as today, started out dark, but the sun is shining ever so brightly and the leaves are still colourful, what remains as the winds came up and the nights are 1 so it’s cooler. Still enjoying Autumn as Autumn which is different as the last 2 years were full on sideways rain.


  8. Probably in summer?


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