LOSING THE SNOOZE – Marilyn Armstrong

FOWC with Fandango — Snooze

I think I got maybe two hours of sleep last night. I have a few annoying ailments and three dogs who usually bark only at delivery people, my son, and any other dog.

Our neighbors have a couple of big dogs. In the past, they had a matched pair of mastiffs, but time marched on. Now they have a couple of boxers.

When The Duke barks an alarm like that in the middle of the night, I have to get up and see what — if anything — is happening. I’m pretty sure the neighbors aren’t walking their dogs. I doubt anyone is delivering. Not even Amazon.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

I get up, limp to the living room. It turns out, they want a cookie. And some play time. They get the cookie, but I’m not feeling playful. I just want some sleep. Having been awakened, usually after just falling asleep, I go to the bathroom, brush my teeth again, and climb into my cozy bed.

That’s when I notice I itch. My undiagnosed eczema — or is it dermatitis? No one knows. It’s a wildly itchy rash with no known cause and I’ve been getting it off and on since I was in my twenties. You’d think, after 50 years of itching, I’d have a handle on it.

I don’t. I can deal with pain better than itching. I have chemical goop, over the counter chemical goop, natural goop, aloe growing in its own pot. Powder with something anti-itch in it. Everything works sometimes, nothing works all the time. During the day, I get involved in other things and it doesn’t bother me as much, but at night? Trying to snooze into dreamland? Hah.

And then there’s my back which only lets me sleep on it. I am, by nature, a right-side sleeper, but I can’t sleep on my side anymore. When I get a rotating combination of pain and itching … and the dogs bark too? A whole night passes and the big snooze eludes me.

Anything could happen!

I think I get most of my sleep during the day when I’m trying to clear out my email. Yesterday, I got almost 300 emails. One hundred and twenty-seven of them showed up in a batch and the rest kept dribbling in until finally, I deleted anything that wasn’t marked “payment due” and was more than 24 hours old.

Sleep? Great idea! Maybe I’ll get some tonight.

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  1. I nap/doze off a lot during the day now. More each year as I get older. That probably does not help my night time sleep. But it helps me feel better during the day when I am awake.


  2. aha it worked. psoriasis? It can be rashy, and seasonal. And itchy.


    • That’s the ONE thing I know it isn’t. Most doctors think it’s a kind of eczema, but the rest think it’s dermatitis. Whatever it is, it’s considered “contact” which means it’s probably something that’s commonly found in cosmetics — soap, detergent, shampoo. But hot water does the same thing too. It also may be an ingredient in some common food.


  3. testing testing (it’s been that kind of day)


  4. I blame a lot of the skin conditions on the GMO foods, who knows? They are very hard to track down. The medical profession just tends to write scripts for expensive meds that never heal or get to the bottom of it.
    As for sleep, I have a little radio that has ear buds and I listen to night time radio. There’s a lot of interesting programs on during the night. If they aren’t so interesting they tend to put me to sleep. (problem solved – some what) 😉


    • My mother had the same rash and that was long before GMO anything. She was also the world’s healthiest eater and was into all natural long before it was popular. It’s probably some kind of allergy — soap? Shampoo? Scent?

      I know I do better using soap without perfume and detergents for people with skin issues, but that doesn’t entirely solve it. Hot water makes it worse. Ice makes it better. Aloe helps. But nothing cures it and I’ve been to too many skin doctors and none of them knew what it was and they all give you some chemical version of cortisone. I use that occasionally. There’s Gold Bond powder — that helps. I have the natural stuff, which also helps … but nothing makes it go away permanently. It always comes back, usually in the spring and fall.

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  5. I’m lucky in that I sleep well most nights. That said, either my dog or my cat feel compelled to make sure I’m up no later than 7 am each morning.


  6. Vitamin E, liquid or squeeze bottle, works for me for almost anything itchy, even the ‘nutmeg grater” variety.
    Nothing like a barky dog chorus to make you appreciate how long the night can be…=(


    • And because it’s the middle of the night, whatever they are barking at, it’s not “the normal stuff.” Even though I’m betting they are just looking for company, I feel obliged to get up. Besides, The Duke will move into body slams again the bedroom door if I don’t. We have a gate, but he just jumps it!

      I have vit E too — the gunky liquid stuff. If doesn’t work on this rash, but it’s great for burns and very dry skin.


  7. Sometimes I think sleep resides under the title “ephemeral” since the cats wake me at 5 am and I’ve already spent much of the night tossing and turning. The dog’s great, doesn’t wake up until 9 and goes out for a half hour then it’s breakfast time on the dot 9 30. But I’ve already been awake 4 hours, am about to make brunch and get on with my day. Soon that will change as my son will work at 7 am and I’m sure I’ll wake up then too. Sleep, it’s definitely ephemeral in my world. 🙂


    • I don’t think I’ve gotten a solid night of sleep since my son was born — 49 years ago. I started sleeping lightly because he wasn’t a loud cryer … and I never slept properly again.


      • I never slept in my entire life, 4 hour 5 6 tops. Then it continued when my kids were born. I didn’t sleep 8 hours until they were both gone. Now I’m back to 4 hours tops. Last night was wretched, I got 1 hour from 2 – 3 then I woke up and haven’t slept since. Makes for long days, sometimes as a result I lose track of time, and lose days as a result. They run into one another. So perhaps tonight will be better. I’m hoping so anyway.


  8. I hope so too – for you. I’m an insomniac too and tonight won’t be any better as I’ve been carrying pots, plants and planters around. They had to get stocked in our veranda as it’s now getting too cold to leave them outside. I shall think of you when my back hurts too much – and you know what: I’ve an itch too, I hurt my heel and the inside of my ankle in March when a 600yr old church door squashed my left foot only very lightly but did something to my leg that since then I’ve this about 3in wide rash. And same as you, sometime it itches terribly and no aloe/arnica/whatever cream can help, other times nada, all is good. I now believe that it reacts as per my nervous disposition. When I’m worried, nervous, it’s itchy – and same as you when one is busy during the day, one forgets about it. There….. I wish you sweet dreams and your dogs to behave better during the night. Just to wake you for a cookie and some playtime…. what’s that?! 🙂 😉


    • We all have a theory about The Rash. Did you know that they think as many as 20 million people in the US alone have rashes of unknown origin? And because it’s not lethal and we spend a fortune on remedies for it, they make a lot of money. They haven’t done any research on it in more than 50 years and probably they never will.

      I have a breastbone from heart surgery that has failed to seal shut. It’s not the bones — it’s the cartilage. It never re-grew. Sometimes, it hurts a lot. The rest of the time, it crunches each time I take a breath. And it doesn’t help me sleep or do ANYTHING better.

      A lot of women don’t sleep well. We seem to have busy minds … and as we get older, we also have annoying bodies with all kinds of non-lethal but really annoying problems, from pain to itching to good old-fashioned worrying.

      As for the dogs, they get bored. They want company. We are their company. They sleep all day, so for them, 4 in the morning really IS morning.

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  9. Here’s hoping you DO get some rest… :O ! And that napping thing? Fabulous (IMHO)…I have gotten 53+ emails over the past couple of days and that took a lot of time to deal with..I can’t imagine 300+! I’d go nutty – (ier)…. wow! Since I’m dog sitting, my level of ‘good sleep’ (which is never great because of insomnia..the evil in the night) has disappeared. The guest is a nice, relatively well house trained doggie, but his owners keep some mighty weird hours (up until 2-3 in the morning and that sort of thing) so getting him adjusted to ‘our’ schedule (I go to bed at 11:30 pm at the very latest) has been a trial AND Huny is upset because there’s a strange (well she knows him, she just doesn’t want to share her space with him 24/7) dog in the house and in her sleeping space. We all fidget…all night long. My sincerest sympathies to YOU! (a cookie? They’d have gotten snapped at had it been me and not you! You’re a softie…. 😉 )


    • The email does make me crazy and every other day, I just delete whatever doesn’t seem to be urgent. I have not figured out what to do about it. I go through it and try to unsubscribe to everything, but about a week later, it’s back.

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  10. Good night! 💤😴


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