As a Canadian watching helplessly from north of the border, all I can do is scream at the laptop and the television and type “VOTE” over and over until my fingers cramp up. There used to be a time I could tell you the current political stories and climate for both countries; now, it’s more like “Trudeau who?”I know I could walk away from social media (and I have at times) and I could shut my ears to the constant noise, but I just can’t. Most of us can’t.

What has been a constant train wreck that was both cringe-worthy and entertaining in a circus kind of way has become one giant ball of horrific attack after horrific attack thrown at the citizens of a country I used to know.

What used to be a bit of joke for Canadians to heckle has become a tragedy of historic proportions. We still can’t look away, but we sure as hell aren’t laughing anymore. None of this is funny. Hell, watching “Real Time with Bill Maher” and “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” no longer keeps me sane. I try to chuckle at their witty jokes, but I cry inside wondering if the disaster down below is a survivable event.

I commend the likes of Maher, John Oliver, Jimmy Kimmel, and Samantha Bee. To go on air weekly or nightly and try to make people laugh about that thing in their Oval Office that is ruining their great country one hateful tweet at a time makes my heart hurt for them.

I know I have run out of steam so I can only imagine what my American friends are feeling right now. You can see the exhaustion on their faces. It’s pretty bad when Stormy Daniels has to be the one to carry the humour on Bill Maher’s show.

It’s a scary time right now.

For Americans and for anyone who believes in democracy. Nationalism and racial divide is popping up all over the globe. Europe is in disarray and hate groups are on the rise. There are 49 countries that are officially ruled by a dictatorship.

That may not sound like a lot, but given how influential the United States is globally, the fact that the piece of garbage currently now running the country routinely threatens freedom of the press and attempts to dismantle the Constitution while cozying up to ruthless leaders gives governments in struggling countries a renewed energy to do the same. Here’s a map below to give you some idea of “freedom” in the world. Green is free, at least for now. Let that sink in.

We are all watching the decline of democracy globally, and the Great Ape in Charge of America is leading the parade. The sad part is, he doesn’t even really know it. It was never his intention; his intention is to WIN. At any cost.

The free and not-free world

So all we Canadians can do is sit and watch, and freaking hope beyond all hope that every American citizen gets out there on Nov. 6 and VOTES!!! Because if Trump and the Republican Party win and keep the majority, the cost will be huge and will be felt everywhere. The ripple effect of hate and malignant tribal politics will be far-reaching and even harder to beat come 2020. Even if it’s a Democratic sweep in November, it’s still an uphill battle to regain the political dignity that the Big O and his cronies have destroyed.

We aren’t laughing anymore. There’s no more condescending Canadian humour at the expense of our American friends. How could anyone joke about the idiot in the White House when people are dying at the hands of hate? No, we are frightened for you and we hope you can win this fight. We are behind you 100 percent.

So I will just say it one more time:  PLEASE GET OUT AND VOTE!!!

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  1. Another Canadian here, with candles lit and fingers crossed for tomorrow.


  2. I liked the cartoon, but from what I’ve heard (and it might be false, who knows?) Canada has become a lot more strict about their own immigration policy. One thing that’s bandied about is that in order to become a Canadian citizen, one must have some marketable job skill, so old farts who rely on the public dole (English for welfare/social security payments, disability etc) are sort of out of luck. If I’m wrong, I’d love to know. My passport is up-to-date and I intend on keeping it so. Just in case. Now. If I were uber wealthy, I’d go anyway. I’m not unpatriotic, I love America. I hate and despise and really loathe whatever country this is NOW. Thanks for sharing Shinbone again… I’m becoming addicted!!


  3. I sent in my absentee ballot last week.

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  4. We’re watching very closely what is happening there. Good luck for tomorrow.

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  5. Sure, it’s easy to criticize Trump’s sledge hammer politics. But I’m going to tell you that a hell of a lot good will come out ot this. For one thing, he woke a populace that has essentially sleeping. The 2nd thing is how massively corrupted Washington was – and still is. Stagnated, Stalemated. Many people pulling strings whose last interest was ‘the good of the country and it’s people’. Trump didn’t get in by accident. He owed no allegiance to what was going on and couldn’t be bribed. Yeah, fix things. But make sure you fix things. Instead of going back to business as usual. People might think that was better. Think again.


  6. Oy 1/2 of our country like our president. I’m trying to understand why—it’s more than racial hate, it is about world domination or rather “we are better than everyone else”, bullshit.

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    • I don’t know what it’s about. I think it’s about trying to cling to a past that never existed because the people who aren’t city folk still live like that … except most people never did or will. We came from the city and I get that we are totally neglected by all the parties because we aren’t a big enough voting base to “matter.” It’ frustrating, but there’s more to my world than whether or not we get our roads fixed. There right and wrong, good and evil … and this has turned into a right-wrong thing. Clinging to a way of life which is disappearing is no excuse for doing evil to others.

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    • Scribbles, it really is hard to fathom. I understand stupid—- but Doznzo’s greatest fans seem oblivious that they’re being thrown under the bus. Is hate so strong that you’ll accept your way of life being upended?? I don’t know.

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  7. It is certainly is not funny and the worst part of all is that so many people are eating up the hate-speak of the guy in charge. In firmly blue country in Cook County, Illinois, I was surprised to see Trump’s anti-immigration ad here. At the end Trump add “I approve this message.” It’s a disgusting scare tactic with hateful message. I am afraid he is energizing his base and they will retain the Congress because so many people think their vote doesn’t matter, except for Trump supporters.

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    • I guess we’ll know soon enough.

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    • Rich, disgusting and so frightening.

      I was looking at the people at Donzo’s latest rally where he was piling on the hate rhetoric regards The Caravan.

      He’s obviously watched “Mein Kampf” Videos. He’s got that steady pacing to work the crowd up into a frenzy. It’s damn scary to see those people fall into step, wave their hate banners, placards and flags. He’s already showed his hand if Democrats are victorious in the midterms, warning that a Democratic House and Senate means we’ll be engulfed by The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

      We’ll vote tomorrow…and in the ensuing hours hope that the Democrats DO prevail. Then, let’s see what happens next.


      • Republicans may hold on to some of the seats they have in Illinois, but I could not believe 45 would run his hate ads here in a heavily Democratic area. I hope it inspires a strong turn out to repudiate his false statements.


  8. So true. Not funny and not a joking matter.

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