NO REPRESSION! VOTE! – Marilyn Armstrong

FOWC with Fandango — Repress

In a few minutes, we are out of here to go vote. I hope that’s what you are doing today, too. No repression in Massachusetts. We aren’t that kind of state. But wherever you are, don’t let them stop you.

Your job is to be a citizen and VOTE. Please vote. Today!

9 thoughts on “NO REPRESSION! VOTE! – Marilyn Armstrong

    • Good GOING!!!! I don’t normally vote straight anything, but this time, I just wanted to make a statement about how I feel about that whole party. If they get their act together, I will reconsider my options. At least I got my son to vote. Couldn’t get through to granddaughter, though.


  1. I voted as soon as I was allowed — we have the option of voting by mail as long as the ballot is postmarked or received on or before election day. When you see early California results, the number is usually made up of vote-by-mail ballots already received and counted! I hope your weather won’t be a deterrent — we’re seeing reports of a big storm in your area. Here it’s a bright, sunny, hopeful day!

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  2. We voted last week. Our district mails out ballots well in advance, and we dropped them off at the polls last week. In Albuquerque, we voted early too. Way fewer crowds. Anything to avoid the lines.

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