SHARING MY WORLD – Marilyn Armstrong

Share Your World – Election Day 2018

Is there one post on your site that is really special to you?  

DON’T DRINK THE KOOL AID – THE JONESTOWN MASSACRE. You’ll see it again on the 18th which will be the 40th anniversary of the massacre. It’s a cautionary tale for our times.

MARILYN’S FAVORITE YEAR – 1969.  Because it really was my favorite year for a lot of reasons.

They aren’t my “best-selling” posts, but they are favorite for entirely different reasons.

How do you deal with negative people? 

Personally? My life is singularly free of negative people. Otherwise, patience and occasionally getting really mad. I have to admit, it depends on what I think will get the job (usually customer service) done. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter. No matter what you do, it won’t help.

What is the first thing you think of when you wake in the morning? 

How quickly can I get to the bathroom!

Would you rather be able to talk to the animals or speak all foreign languages? 

It would be really convenient to speak thousands of languages. On the other hand, there’s no point in talking “Dog.” They would still ignore me.

Bonnie and Gibbs

November is a month in which many people give thanks.  America (and other countries) celebrate an actual Thanksgiving Day. For example, Canada celebrates this in October.

What small thing happened today (or in the past few days) that you were grateful for?   

We put up the bird feeder yesterday and it’s more than half empty today. That’s like two pounds of seed gone in about three hours. Shocking how expensive bird seed is, by the way. For some reason, I figured it would be cheap. It isn’t cheap.

Nothing is cheap, not even birdseed.

I was surprised. I thought it would a few days for the birds to find the feeder, but there were easily a dozen Chickadees and they were flying by in groups looking for a place to land! There were some other small finches eating their hearts out. I didn’t have a camera and it was raining, which slowed down my shooting. It didn’t slow down the birds!

14 thoughts on “SHARING MY WORLD – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Oh the phenomenon of ‘where’d all the birdseed GO?!” happens here too. I think the birds communicate by bush telegraph or something to let other birds know “Hey! FOOD!” and they flock (no pun intended…well a small one perhaps ) to chow down. Here I don’t put out seed any more because we (apparently) have rats. BIG ones that come after the seed, scare off the birds and might just try moving into the home hosting the bird feeder. Yikes!


    • It’s what this blog is about. The incredible joy of writing what I want to write. If I write it and no one reads it, I run it again and eventually, people read it. I’m not exactly making a fortune at this, so if I think a piece is good, I’m gonna keep laying it until other people notice 🙂 You just can’t do that when you’re being paid!

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      • My favorite year (Professionally). 1969. So many epic stories – and I was still at ABC Network. So, I got up close and personal views of life changing events.

        My Favorite Year (Personal). 1990. Marilyn and I married. Honeymooned in Ireland. Life became immeasurably richer..

        How quickly can I get to the bathroom: Faster than a speeding bullet!

        I’d love to be able to talk to our furries. I am The Dog Whisperer..

        Deal with negative people — A closeup with my anchovy aroma breath.

        Kool Aid – Y’ know, I loved it as a kid. AKA “bug Juice”. Nothing finer on a sweltering summer evening, watching fireflies dance across the near horizon. Strawberry Kool Aid in a frosty mug.

        So gooood.


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