The Last Autumn Tree – FOTD – November 9, 2018

We had a second sunny day in a row. Unbelievable! But not to worry. It will rain tomorrow. Probably not until the evening. The rivers are full and they are expecting rivers to flood.

I am trying not to think about it, hoping the sump and the pump are up to the task. And our French drains are not clogged with leaves and the gutters are still viable. And the roof doesn’t leak.

The tree in all her glory

It has been raining  … major storms … several times each week and the rivers are cresting. And guess who lives in a river valley?

Amazing colors!

I went out and took more pictures of The Tree. Because after tomorrow’s storm, it won’t have any leaves left. Count on it.

I have save more pictures because I’m going to need them.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all of us!

32 thoughts on “MORE OF THE LAST AUTUMN TREE – Marilyn Armstrong”

    1. I can just imagine them, when no-one is looking, lifting up the side of the verge where it joins the road and blowing the leaves under neath then putting it back like a carpet! 🙂

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  1. Your maple looks bigger here than in yesterdays pic! 🙂 The sunlight on the golden leaves is beautiful! 🙂

    Hope the rain goes easy on Uxbridge ( and points upstream!) 🙂


  2. Have exactly the same problems with leaves clogging up drains, gutters etc. But we alsi still have PLENTY of leaves at the trees. And none as beautiful as yours. Here it’s not only the rain (thankfully in very reasonable amounts lately) but the mountaing water table under our feet. AND we live at the top of a small hill….


  3. Gorgeous colours Marilyn, we’ve been getting a lot of rain too. Where on earth is there a place where the sun always shines and it stays pleasantly warm most of the year?


    1. I think Southern California approaches your description — pleasantly warm sometimes becomes too hot, and for a very few (less than 10) days each year the sun goes behind clouds. The downside of such idealism is that the fire season is no longer seasonal, and we periodically have huge conflagrations.

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            1. Winter was longer — about a month longer — than normal. Spring went missing. Summer lasted longer — again about a month more and instead of the dry weather you expect in summer, it has rained and stormed at least two or three times a week since last April. Our rivers are overflowing and between the rain and wind, autumn just went missing. We have not had three days in a row of sun since April. And I’m not sure about April, either. Oh, and it has rained for at least one day of every weekend since snow changed to rain.

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              1. It has been strange everywhere. In France older people say Il n’y a plus de saison. Which translates in There are no more seasons.
                Global warming, climate change are our reality.
                I hope you won’t have too much snow, at least not too early.
                Although snow makes good pictures:)


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