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FOTD – November 10, 2018 – Autumn Leaf

I still have autumnal pictures, even though it’s raining. The wind came up and all day, it was like being in an oak leaf storm, with whirling leaves everywhere. It’s supposed to be over tomorrow morning, but the next day, new storm.

A rose and a brilliant Japanese maple.

The weather never really stays nice anymore. We haven’t had a single weekend without rain or three days of sunshine since last winter.

Evelyne Holingue commented that in France they now say “Il n’y a plus de saison.” Which translates to “There are no more seasons.” 

There’s definitely a seasonal blurring. We have winter and we have summer, but winter is longer than it used it be with intermittent weeks of almost summer-like weather followed by blizzards. Spring doesn’t happen and summer is one storm after another.

And there are places where the weather is more extreme than here.

Really, there are no more seasons and I think if you want to understand what climate change means, this is the beginning, that blurring of seasons and the loss of the “interim” short seasons of spring and fall.

I don’t know what comes after this because although we’ve always had erratic weather patterns here, this is somehow different. It feels different. I’m just hoping the rivers don’t rise.

This valley can flood. We’ve seen it, but never in November. Flooding is something for spring rains and snow melt-off. Meanwhile, it sure is raining hard outside.

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  1. The rain took so many of the leaves down, and today it is 32 degrees. Where’s Fall???


  2. Your leaves are gorgeous — without real forests, we don’t see many like this without some travel! Do be careful walking on the wet leaves, though!


    • There are miniatures of this tree that you can grow on a balcony in a bucket. They look the same, just small.


      • I’ll have to see if I can find one — but it’s probably too warm here.


        • I don’t know. These are exceptionally hardy trees. Look for “dwarf japanese maple.” Ours has green leaves in summer and goes wild in the fall. You might have to keep it out of direct sun, but I know Pat Gerber has one in Switzerland and ours came from Maryland and we drove it home. But look them up. They will tell you what it requires. Maybe it would grow indoors. The miniatures are quite small.

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  3. I cannot lie: the title of your post caught my eye:)
    Thank you for linking to my blog, too.
    As for the seasons, yes, they become shorter or longer, and within the same season characteristics of another can appear.
    Your colors remain quite gorgeous.


  4. Autumn is great for picture taking. I wish the colors on our trees lasted long enough for me to get the energy to take pictures, but it’s like one day they’re splendid and the next day they’re bare. Ah well, I enjoy it while it lasts.


    • It has not been a “real” autumn. Today the cleanup crew came and vacuumed our property, dumping all the leaves deep in the woods. Just another layer of soil building on the forest floor. While they were packing up to leave, the wind hit the trees and another million leaves fell, but at least I can see some of the ground. Drove the dogs bonkers.


  5. Stunning photographs! Our seasons are becoming strange as well. Here, it is getting hotter in the summer that seems to drag on into October. We are finally seeing weather in the 70s now. And we need rain desperately.


  6. These colours are just fabulous. I hope it stops raining and give you a break.


  7. We went from summer to winter. 2 inches of snow and leaves still on the trees.


    • We got a lot of rain and it was hot and humid, so that must have been summer. It started a month late but lasted a month late. Then we got colder temperatures and a lot more storms and the leaves never really changed and finally. ONE Japanese maple tree changed color, but everything else just blew off the trees.

      Is it winter? It’s not fall. It’s not summer. It’s just another nasty rainy wet season. The only thing that seems to have changed is the leaves are gone and sunset comes at 4 in the afternoon. Another storm tomorrow and another right after that. One day, it’ll be snow instead.

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