WELCOME LITTLE BIRDS – Marilyn Armstrong

As promised, I went out and took pictures. I should have gone out earlier because there are more birds earlier, but I was catching up with myself having somehow missed yesterday and being sure today was Thursday.

This was a problem because I missed Duke’s vet appointment and Garry was planning to go to a luncheon that isn’t until tomorrow. We really have totally lost track of days. Even when I look at the calendar, I forget 30 seconds later.

But I did get out there. And I did take pictures. I also added a second feeder designed to attract bigger birds.

Bird identifiers are welcome to aid me. I have the book but I’ve been too tired and overwhelmed politically to even begin looking.

It’s been a crazy ass week!

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

20 thoughts on “WELCOME LITTLE BIRDS – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. I was looking forward to seeing your bird photos. It’s good to see different birds. I don’t know what yours are, but they are something more unique than my sparrows


        1. Owen will be here tomorrow, so I will ask him to fill the feeders. There’s also a lot of wind and I worry the feeders are going to get blown away. We’ve had an awful lot of wind and heavy rain. It’s pretty bad.

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        1. Apparently! The first morning after we put them out, there were dozens of them coming and going from the feeder. Now I have two feeders, but the flat one get emptied out so fast I never get to see the birds. Must be the great food!

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  2. Great bird shots. I hope we can find out what they are as they are different from the birds here as well. I have that “what day is it?” problem if I spend a few days home alone.


  3. Beautiful photo’s Spike! 😉

    That there is yer basic Massachussetts State Bird!!

    The Black-Capped Chicadee (who’d a thunk it??) aka Penthestes Atricapillus

    And it’s Saturday ( now) 😉


      1. The tufted titmouse is the guy with the striped black head, right? What’s the second one? The one with the beak that looks like a hummingbird, but he’s a little big and the hummers have a red throat, at least all the ones I’ve seen.


        1. I think the black stripe is a black ‘cap’ (chicadee) but the long beak was the one i didn’t get!?

          If he flies like a hummingbird then maybe he’s a ‘tourist’. Do HB’s eat nuts? I dunno?


    1. That’s what everyone tells me, but I haven’t seen any of them in my yard at all. It may be all the barking … or that the last lot were wiped out by a couple of bobcats. But they don’t hang around. We also have lurking coyotes and fisher cats. It’s a dangerous place for anything that can’t fly.


  4. The only one of those lovely birds I recognize is the chickadee. Otherwise…lovely birds, no clue what they are though… we don’t get a lot of diversity in bird-dom in Utah in the winter, just the LBBs (usually house wrens) (LBB is little brown bird) 😉


  5. That’s a Nuthatch in photo 3- they make the best noises- they sound like they are complaining- it is adorable. Others are Titmouse and Black capped Chickadee. Looking forward to more!


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