THE SQUIRREL – Marilyn Armstrong


Things go missing. People go missing. I often think my brain goes missing and sometimes, that’s a good thing.

Right now, however, Garry took this perfect picture of (you guessed it) a squirrel. By the Blackstone in River Bend Park.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

I’m pretty sure he isn’t the source of my loss, but who knows?

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

27 thoughts on “THE SQUIRREL – Marilyn Armstrong”

          1. I took a video of one making a winter home in our neighbours garage roof. I put it in a song call Nana Blues. She looked so cute enjoying the sun on her balcony (the gutter on the roof edge). I think thought she had winter licked.

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      1. Yes, it would be. We have a couple who make appearances and they are so cute! The dog has made a difference, they sit higher in the trees alongside the property even though he’s on a lead and can’t reach them, he can bark at them! lol


        1. I think ours just don’t like the noise. And we do have a lot of predators. The dogs are noisy, but they are locked up. On the other hand, the fisher cats, coyotes, and bobcats are hungry. Even in the trees, hawks, eagles, owls — they are all ready for a nice furry treat.


    1. I am just so burnt out. I need to tone it down for a while and catch my breath. I love writing, but it turns out I don’t have a brilliant idea every day. Some days, I’m not all that brilliant. That’s when the squirrel has my brain.


  1. Squirrels are fuzzy-tailed metaphors for the upside of absentmindedness. Yeah, sure, maybe you forgot where you buried your nuts last year—but would you look at that forest!

    Anyhow, I hope you find your missing pieces.


    1. I can’t remember anything longer than the few minutes it takes to say “Gee, we really need to pick up some …” after which, I don’t remember I ever said it and neither does Garry. Until I go look for it and it isn’t there. Saves me money, though. I think about buying things and I hunt them down on Amazon — and then, I decide to put them in my wish list. The next time I notice them, they aren’t even being carried anymore.

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