Which Way Challenge: November 8, 2018

A day in the yellow woods in Mendon. A place I always want to get pictures, but rarely find a place to safely put the car. The road is so twisty, and there is swamp on both sides of the road … and it is hard to see where the swamp begins and the earth ends.

But this time, we got lucky.

And got some pictures. Mostly mine because Garry kept not bringing a camera. I have since given him a pocket camera which hopefully will convince him to take some. He winds up borrowing mine, but two people on one camera don’t work well.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

The Providence-Worcester line through Mendon

The leafy driveway

Railroad crossing, Chestnut Street

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  1. So inviting those roads, railway lines and pathways.


  2. Love these! Epitomizing Fall perfectly. Thanks for joining in. 😊


  3. It is pretty. We used to have the same problem with narrow winding roads when we’d go for a drive. So many places we wanted to stop but couldn’t because there was nowhere to pull over. Often David would park where he could and I would hike back down the road to get my pictures.


  4. I am really getting to know some good looking places in the States


    • This used to be a vacation area. I remember in the 1960s and 70s my first husband and I used to drive up here to see the leaves and buy pumpkins. It is still mostly country.


  5. I’d go down any of those roads or ways.


    • Chestnut Street, where the railroad crosses, is a particularly pretty road. Unfortunately, they have started building on it. I’m hoping it isn’t something really ugly and commercial. Until now, it was just this little two-lane twisting road, a shortcut between two major roads. They plowed up a big field a couple of years ago, but they don’t seem to be actually building anything. Maybe they ran out of money. I don’t see how you could build something big there … the road is really small.

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