The Stream in Ellin and Tom’s Backyard

We are in Connecticut and it is snowing. We knew it was going to snow, but it was only a maybe. Meanwhile, the white stuff is falling, but before the snow began, I saw the title for this and said “Oh, hey, I’ll take a few pictures of the stream.”

Then I bumped into WordPress’s new — and incredibly buggy — format. It is currently not usable and I’ve been trying to get back to the old format since this morning. It’s seriously full of bugs and you should wait before you even consider trying it out. I’m not kidding. It may eventually be okay, but right now, it is what I call “unfinished software.” There are actually good ideas in it, but it has clearly NOT been beta tested and there are so many missing elements, it should never have been released until they made it suitable for customers to use. Shame on their software department for putting out a product that is so full of bugs it is functionally useless.

Don’t go there. It’s really not ready to use. They are going to need months to get it to work properly, so stay with whatever already works for you.

And finally, here I am again.

Wider view

With a hint of color

And this next one is definitely NOT the stream, but Roaring Dam in Blackstone. But it’s a great picture of water in motion.

Blackstone Gorge

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13 replies

  1. I really like your last photo of the waterfall. Wonderful post Marilyn. 😀


    • Thanks. The ones I did here just didn’t pop in black & white. They look a lot better in color. But it’s such a pretty stream and I always TRY to show how lovely it is. The big waterfalls are a lot easier to work with 😀


  2. I remember Ellin mentioning the stream that ran in the back of her yard. It sounds heavenly and I do believe she said she could hear it too.


  3. So happy to hear you say this because I thought it was just me. After several frustrating tries at the ‘new editor’ I trashed it and went back to the old. What were they thinking?!


    • It’s bad. No indents. Missing (lots missing) categories. Delete doesn’t work. No access to changing font colors. Everything buried in a nearly random collection of drop-down menus. There is a REASON word processing software has a certain standard. They should look at it and do something that other users recognize. This is a tragic mess AND THEY DIDN’T TEST IT TO SEE IF IT WOULD RUN.


  4. Water in black and white always works! love these


  5. Good photos, and the new format is complete and utter rubbish. I was managing wonderfully with the one we had, which I can still use thank goodness


    • The new format doesn’t work. Huge pieces of it are not accessible, I can’t get to most of my categories, there’s no help for anyone unless you are a business customer. I don’t suppose it occurred to anyone to look at how word processors are designed and make one kind of like that?

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