FOWC with Fandango — Impose

WordPress was trying to impose Gutenberg on this site. Aside from it being full of bugs (which they are trying to fix, but they should have fixed them before releasing the application!), it’s an excessively complicated format for a blog. Maybe for designing a book, but this isn’t a book.

I’m not writing a book. I’m blogging. Gutenberg did a lot of things to this site that left me unable to blog.

I will not bore you with a list of issues, including the inability to properly format a photograph or for that matter, FIND a photograph to format.

Eventually,  I discovered that you could use the Plugins function to reset it to the Classic Editor. Then I discovered you can’t use the PlugIn function unless you are on a business plan. I’ve been Premium for six years. I don’t have a business and never will and on top of that, we’re on Social Security and there’s no money to pay $25 a month to blog.

So I wrote to them. You can still get quick results if you figure out where to go. To be fair, I also begged because I could probably figure out the “new plan” but I don’t WANT that plan and Garry and Ellin, our two “not very tech savvy” writers, would never figure it out.

Also, seriously, how complicated do you need to make a blogging text format app?

So to actually get help:

1  – Go to

2  – Click the blue “help” button on the bottom right. Send an email with your issue.

In less than an hour, they had reset me to the classic editor. You see, the problem is that — aside from the bugs and there are more of them than I can count (not all of which affected me, mind you, but which mostly affected users like me with very big blogs — in other words, long-timers) — I quite literally begged them to fix this. He fixed it and dumped Gutenberg and now I’m back to the editor I have always used.

I was ready to pull the plug. It changed all the fonts on my headings and changed the size and formats of the headings. It wouldn’t call up any of my graphics or allow me to use former posts. I tried changing templates, and it was even worse. Chaos.

So they fixed me and they did it fast! As far as I can tell, they are promising to leave classic editor available indefinitely. That’s what they are saying because, as it turns out, the new format is way above the needs of most bloggers. I’ve even got “Copy a Post” back.

Sometimes, if you grovel, you get what you want. But not allowing plugins for anyone but business users doesn’t bode well for where WordPress is heading. They are going all out for bigger money, even though they are already making a lot of money. Apparently, not quite enough.

The new motto for WordPress?

“Greed Is Good”

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  1. The Gutenberg feature must have been sent to people who don’t have a completely free blog, because I haven’t seen any changes. (Or possibly, I haven’t noticed. I’m usually just doing the minimum anyway. Half-adding my way through life, so to speak.) But I did hate the champagne when my posts no longer would automatically hit Facebook. I had to get a Facebook Page—which now badgers to “boost” my post for a price. I don’t think so!

    Technology is more a benign enemy than a friend to me. But sometimes, it’s downright evil!”


    • I was going to say — it’s not so benign. I did NOT get a FB page. I just do it manually. I don’t want a page — or the badgering. Also, they don’t “give” it to you. You have to use their “trial” offer to have it. With a minimum blog, you may not need it. Probably not.

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  2. I haven’t updated to gutenberg and I won’t because I can’t see well enough to figure out what is wrong if (haha) it goes wrong. I’ll stay where I am and continue since this works. Thank you for sharing your experience, I appreciate it. I was thinking about installing it a few days ago and then got busy and forgot. Now I’m even happier that I didn’t!


  3. I wrote a long piece with Gutenberg today and I ended up really liking the flexibility of the features. It makes a lot of things faster and once you’re into it, it’s very intuitive (or I found it to be). Yesterday I editing old posts some as old as I have been using WP (five years?) and I had no problem.

    Personally I think a problem some people might have is having it foisted on them without so much as a “by your leave,” other people just don’t like change, other people are not comfortable with new stuff in their “tech” lives. And no, I don’t think all the bugs are out of it, but that might why it has not been universally “deployed” yet.

    In any case, I enjoyed its features as I was writing my post about the fires in California which uses a lot of quotations. The citations feature in Gutenberg is really handy. And, the post has more pictures than I usually include and that worked well. The only thing I didn’t like was being unable to center subtitles.


    • The people having serious problems are people like me who have big large databases full of posts and pictures. I’ve been posting more than once a day for six years. I can’t even save this data without help from the engineers. Their features cannot handle the volume. I’m sure there will be useful and flexible features in the new format. I could see the potential, but it would not work on my site. My categories were gone, my pictures were not discoverable, and I could not pull up older posts for rewriting. That’s a lot of invested work essentially gone forever.

      WHEN they have fully tested it and are sure that it actually will work on a blog this big, then I will try it out and see if it works. At which point I’ll make a decision about it. But right now, it DOES NOT WORK ON THIS SITE. It’s not that I’m resistant to change. I would love more flexibility for setting text, but IT DOESN’T WORK ON THIS SITE.

      It works apparently on smaller sites, but on large sites — what they call “old sites” — they admit, it doesn’t work. They know it. They admit it. They are working on it. Whether or not it will ever work on a site this large, I don’t know. If they would let me archive the first couple of years of this site to reduce the load, that would be great, but when I try to delete more than one or two pictures, the site locks.

      Short of starting over, I have to work with what I’ve got. You cannot impose a massive formatting change on 8400 posts and thousands of pictures without doing some extra work along the way. Remember, databasing was what I did for a living for a very long time. Transferring a database of this size to a new format is not done with a single command. You have to feed the old data into the new format progressively or the whole thing will crash … and I doubt their application has the legs to do it.

      You’ll have to trust me on this. I spent a lot of years working with transferring large databases to new formats. It wasn’t a one-click switch. IF it can be done, they will have to help me move the data progressively or allow me to archive a big chunk of it and only move (for example) the past two or three years.


      • I am not disputing the validity of your experience. I am simply sharing mine.


      • You don’t have to yell at me.


        • I’m did not mean to yell. But people keep telling me I have to learn to use it, but even the engineers say — it won’t work on my site. They have a lot of fixing to do first. I really WANTED an application was better for formatting text, but apparently all we “old soldiers” have big blogs and they can’t be reformated in a click.

          Sometimes, the magic doesn’t work. Maybe it’ll work in the future. If they would let me shear off several years of posts and use let’s say the past two or three years, that would help … but I asked and they said they couldn’t do it. And I can’t delete stuff because the site locks. So that leaves me starting all over again and I kind of don’t want to do that.


          • I hope you’re able to get it work for you. I think we’re stuck with this.


            • No, apparently now. They restored the classic editor to me and are making it available to anyone who complains and asks for it. I think they are going with two levels: Classic and Gutenberg. Which is as it should be. I really WANTED a better text editor. Four years ago, it would probably have worked. Now? Unless they reverse themselves and let me archive some years of my post, it probably won’t happen. the site is too old and too big. Pity too. I actually REQUESTED this. Years ago.


  4. That’s great. 😊 At least they fixed the issue.


  5. I guess they think that if they offered Gutenberg as a paid extra nobody would want it. Meanwhile, we still have the problem that WordPress is the best of a bad bunch as none of us really want to stop blogging.


  6. I’m not touching Gutenberg with a ten foot pole.


  7. I’m really nervous of changes to come. I have already started to save copies of everything important to me onto my hard-drive because I am so worried of losing posts that I have prepared for my family to read at a later date.


  8. GREAT! Because I’ve always used the ‘classic’ editor (I think), and although I could have learnt Gutenberg…why would I want to? o.O Some good news! Thanks Marilyn!

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    • That’s my point. I do not need to learn an entirely new style of doing exactly the same thing. I don’t want to. I’m retired. This is not a job I have to do.

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      • Good point in return. WHY do we have to ‘work’ to do something we regard as leisure, a hobby or even fun? I’m glad ‘they’ (drone/clones/happiness morons) listened to YOU any way. Me? I’m still getting that annoying pop up telling me I’m going to LEVEL UP SOON WITH A GREAT NEW EDITOR. Pray for me.


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