TEMPLE TRACKS #writephoto – Marilyn Armstrong

MEMORIES IN STONE AN ARCHAEOLOGICAL MINI MYSTERY #WRITE PHOTO You could see where the temple had been. The ground was slightly raised forming what appeared to be a circle. If you looked carefully, you could see the tip of a pillar poking out of the ground. Not full evidence of what lay beneath the ground, … Continue reading TEMPLE TRACKS #writephoto – Marilyn Armstrong


RDP Monday: JEWEL I fell in love with Native American jewelry in a tiny store in Boston's Italian North End. I didn't even know it was Native American, but I loved it, that first pair of earrings. Many more were to follow. Necklaces and bracelets and rings and things featuring beautiful pieces of turquoise stone. … Continue reading JEWELS FROM THE SOUTHWEST – Marilyn Armstrong

SNOW AND THE HOLIDAYS – Marilyn Armstrong

Today and tomorrow are doctor visit days for Garry. His three-month surgical checkup for his ear and a stress test for his heart ... so I'm writing ahead because I'm just not going to be around. Hope you don't mind. This is turning out to be a crazy busy month. I feel like Alice, running … Continue reading SNOW AND THE HOLIDAYS – Marilyn Armstrong


I didn’t realize how dependent we are on technology, or more precisely, our household machines. Then our Keurig coffee maker had a glitch and wouldn’t work. How were we going to make coffee?? !!XX?? We’ve always had a French Press and a regular drip coffee maker in the house. So I dug them out from … Continue reading TECHNO-ADDICT – BY ELLIN CURLEY