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You could see where the temple had been. The ground was slightly raised forming what appeared to be a circle. If you looked carefully, you could see the tip of a pillar poking out of the ground. Not full evidence of what lay beneath the ground, but certainly some strong hints.

Every time I pass that place along that old road, I wondered what lay beneath the soil.

Then, one summer, a group descended on the area and began to very carefully dig. They found the pillars of a church, but when they dug further, they discovered the pillars of the church stood on the pillars of a Roman temple. Not merely pillars, but statues and a mosaic floor that was nearly perfect.

There was more.

The deeper they dug, the more they found. The Roman temple rested on pillars of something so ancient, no one was quite sure what it was and below that, what appeared to be tombs, possibly neolithic.

The ground was clearly regarded as sacred to every people who had lived here. Now, of course, it was an archaeological park with a small fee required to enter the area.

It was seeing history reveal itself in layers, and as each layer was lifted, it was taken to a museum. When finally, the reached bedrock, they brought back a couple of pillars and a covering so that this special, sacred space, could be remembered.

What memories were part of the ground, the air, the stones?  Why this spot? Many guesses, but no answers. The ones who knew were long-buried.

THURSDAY PHOTO PROMPT – Sue Vincent – The Daily Echo

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  1. If you dig deep enough you’ll find a mystery of some kind. 🙂

    I was going to comment on the Archaeology of Australia comparing to this but it turned into a tome – so i’m turning it into a post instead of cramming up your blog. 🙂


  2. Archeology is so fascinating, there are a few places I’d just love to go and dig.


  3. You have woven a wonderful tale around the photo.


  4. There are things beneath the soil that we have no idea about


    • Israel was great that way. EVERYWHERE was an archaeological site. You could literally do a little digging anywhere and find something ancient. I sort of miss that here. Older countries have deeper histories.

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