FOWC with Fandango — Shed

I was torn between writing about the shed which is falling down or the dog, who is shedding long white hair on my nice, clean black shirt.

Let’s go with the dog.

We didn’t have a problem with the two Scotties. Not only do they mostly match my clothing, but they don’t really shed. They get dirty and disgusting, but they don’t shed.

Mostly, terriers don’t shed. They have to be clipped or they look like a pile of dirty rags.

Now the Duke? HE sheds all the time.  This year, probably his first full coat, he has been shedding more than usual. I do not believe that either Garry or I ever go anywhere without a light to heavy coating of dog hair on everything.

He gets especially cuddly when we are dressed to go out something. I feel like we need a plastic bag over us as we race for the door!

Hey, you know the difference between a pure-bred dog and a mutt? You ready?

A breed dog “blows his coat.”
Mutts shed. 


Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

21 thoughts on “WHITE HAIRS, BLACK SHIRTS – Marilyn Armstrong”

      1. Yesterday, I had on a fresh black shirt for my medical appointment. I sat on the edge of the love seat, checking my email. Duke jumped on the seat and burrowed himself into my side til I no room to move. I gave up.


  1. BWAHAHHAHA!! Did you ever check out the Japanese Chin for Duke’s ‘heritage’? I’d say there’s more to him than that breed, but it seems to be the closest to what he is. And Heinz 57 used to be a FINE thing for a dog to be. Still is as far as I’m concerned… (Huny sheds and she’s a purebred. Now when she ‘blows her coat’? I look like I’m covered in tiny white pieces of fur, head to toe. Never knew something that small could lose that much hair and still have some left over…)

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    1. “Blows coat” is usually only applied to big furry dogs, like the Great Pyrenees. And I swear, they really DO blow their coat. Everywhere. He does look like a Chin, but he’s 35 lbs and a Chin is like maybe 5? But he does have that look.

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  2. I’m down to two cats, but one of them, Charlie, is part Siberian forest cat, and has this third coat that he sheds steadily. It has the tensile strength of iron and weighs almost nothing. It clogs the vacuum, it coats everything touches with this lovely spider-silk stuff, and I am resigned to being the only one at the party with a multi-colored set of leggings. yes indeedy.


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