First Bloom on the Christmas Cactus
FOTD – November 21, 2018

They have been full of buds for a week, but this morning, one bloom opened. And I’m pretty sure that before the blooms fall off the two Christmas cacti, there will be buds on the orchids, too. Just as well because it’s cold out there and the birds are very happy to have a feeder in the ‘hood.

Christmas cactus

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  1. And oh what a wonderful bloom it is too. πŸ˜€

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  2. You got me beat by a mile, Marilyn. I don’t see any buds yet. I can’t get rid of my cactus because they were my grandmother’s and there’s a lot of sentimentality to them.

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    • Just keep it in a room with natural (not artificial) lights and water it ONLY when it is REALLY REALLY dry. It’ll bloom. Exactly when is hard to know. Mine didn’t bloom until January last year, but one of mine is full of buds — but just one flower. The other one has no buds yet. They need natural light and very little water. Think cactus.

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  3. My Christmas cactus has already bloomed. It’s really more of a Halloween cactus!

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  4. Lovely Pic, M.

    ( M ? Hmmm…? Reminds me of the character in the James Bond Films…. πŸ˜‰ )

    Nothing better than an easy-to-care-for plant with pretty bright coloured flowers!

    I’m hoping four of mine will bloom next time… except our December is Summer so i don’t think i’ll have any for Christmas! 😦

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  5. I got rid of my Christmas cactus. It was not such a good one. I think I will buy a new one

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