HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – Marilyn Armstrong


There are two expressions that make me instantly wary.

The first is “Trust me.” When I hear those words, my distrust level goes sky-high.

The second is “This product is highly recommended.”

In the first case, I want to know why I should trust you. I want facts. I want to know that you have actually studied the subject, really know something about it. For the second, I want to know if you actually own it and if you do, how long have you owned it? More than six months? Still working?

Today, being the day before Thanksgiving, every company in the world who sells anything is selling it harder than usual. Everything is highly recommended, usually by the company’s sales department. Who else would know?

Even WordPress is having a sale on its upgrades. So right now, I’m waiting for someone to offer a heavily discounted air fryer. I think it’s the only thing I want, except a big hit on the lottery.

28 thoughts on “HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – Marilyn Armstrong”

    1. Right now, I want an air fryer. But I don’t NEED one, so I’m waiting for a bargain. What I’ve needed recently? Someone to fix the chimney, clean the yard, clear the gutters and some new drains for the various sinks and tubs. And periodically, socks because they just keep disappearing, no matter how hard I try to keep them together.

      I got those YakTrax Martha recommended. We haven’t used them yet — not enough snow or ice — but the nurses I talked to at UMass yesterday said they ALL use them because the parking lots get really slick with slush and snow and ice. That made me feel more optimistic. My fear of falling gets worse every day.

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  1. Even I got a proposition of a 30% discount although I have no account…..
    For 3 days now I CAN’T like on bloggers’ sites. I can only LIKE when I do so in the bit on the right hand side with the announcement of the new posts. Also, I should SUB for your blog although I am on it right now with all the reader’s announcement. Boy, they DO mess up big(gly!!!)
    Love and sub your first statement. It’s like those who say: Honestly….. and I always say: Why honestly, is that because you normally lie? 😉


    1. I get very wary of people who seem to need me to trust them. Okay, if it’s a friend, I already trust them or they wouldn’t be friends … but everyone else? You just know that after the “trust me,” the will be a big fat lie!

      Yes, when WP messes up, they do a very thorough job of it. They mess up their own members best, however. If you have your blog on WordPress, when they toss out major untested software, a lot of stuff goes very far downhill.

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        1. The thing is, they COULD test it. They could do what Microsoft now does which is ask for volunteers. A lot of people are willing — even eager — to be the first to try a new format. But they don’t do that. They just dump it on us and while it may work for some of us, it pretty much never works for everyone.

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  2. Forgive me, I just made a rather anxiety fraught trip to the ‘big’ city….and I’m dim. But ‘air fryer?” Um. Okay. The lottery win? I GET that! Wish they did the lottery HERE…but noooo. Too much like gambling I guess..even though they lose a truckload of revenue by insisting on that old law…everyone goes over the state line to Nevada or Idaho and does it anyway..


    1. An air fryer uses hot air rather than oil. A lot of people I know have one and they love them. I’m just not sure how big it should be … and our wiring isn’t great. Some of these pull a lot of electricity. I’m afraid it’ll burn the house down.


  3. Totally agree! And may I respectfully suggest that ‘just’ be added to the list. It implies a degree of simplicity that never eventuates. In fact, in my experience, anything preceded by ‘just’ tends to be an order of magnitude /harder/.


  4. And then, like “trust me,” there’s how Donald Trump will say something totally baseless and then add “believe me” at the end, as if that will make it true.

    And an “air fryer”? I’ve never heard of an air fryer. But I visualize a huge lightning bolt streaking across the sky on a hot summer night. Maybe I’m being too literal.


    1. It looks like a bullet-shaped oven. I’m worried about the electricity in our house, which is weirdly wired. A lot of older houses have some very strange wiring and I know, for example then when the microwave is working you can’t turn on an A/C in the living room … or a hair dryer in the bathroom at the other end of the house. I have NO idea how come these things are all wired together. Some of these fryers are 1800 watts. I am not sure that they won’t set our house on fire.

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      1. I think that it would more likely that something else would stop working. I occasionally experience this at home particularly with a heater that friends gave me. It works fine in the bedroom but if I use it in the dining room where I have the desktop it will make the computer crash even though it is plugged into a totally different power point and not on an extension lead or power board. Houses seem to be wired in sections as far as I can tell. When a circuit breaker flips off it affects several rooms but not necessarily adjacent to each other which seems weird to me. We have 240 volt AC here too so you have to take electricity seriously. You would probably only need a small air fryer for two of you though so it might be OK.


        1. Other friends, including Tom & Ellin, seem to have some odd wiring. One socket in the living room is attached to the same circuit as the microwave, refrigerator, and oven and one of the bathroom circuits all the way on the other side of the house is also hooked into that circuit. Which makes NO sense.


          1. I sort of understand ours because I’m sure it was rewired in the 1980s when the house was extended . Then a few years ago I tried to change a lightbulb and the power blew out in half the house so we had it done properly and circuit breakers put in instead of a fuse box. Boy am I glad we did that.


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