Share Your Thankful World

Are you an Early to bed, early-to-rise person, a night owl, and daytime sleeper-dozer, or an ‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead’ person?   

Age has made me reconsider the idea of sleep. I need to get some or I just can’t function.

Now, if only I could give up on reading at night … I go to bed early enough, but then, there’s that book.

What are some misconceptions about your hobby, should you have a hobby?

People think I’m a lot better a photographer than I am. I do take pretty pictures, but I don’t process them nearly as well as others do. I’m not even in the same class.

No matter what anyone tells you, a good eye does not overcome quality issues.

A penguin walks through the door right now wearing a sombrero. What does he say and why is he here?    

He has come bearing cruise tickets. He is our lottery vacation Penguin.

Aliens have landed. Do they come in peace?

I doubt it. They landed? They have an agenda. Maybe it’s benign, but until I know what they want, I’m being really careful.

I play with robots! Especially Robbie.

Really really careful.

What are you really, incredibly thankful for this week?

Garry’s ears are good and my son is doing Thanksgiving. Hallelujah!


20 thoughts on “SHARING THE WORLD, THANKSGIVING EDITION – Marilyn Armstrong

    • Thanks, Su. Certainly something to be thankful for.

      In retirement, I’m a stay up later for my own late-late show, usually an old 30’s film.

      Late Riser – The Roosters have crowed and long gone about their business with the hens…

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      • 😀 I’m still a morning person — something that only began (with a shock) with the birth of my son. But I’m starting to need less sleep, so perhaps I can start my own late show too. I’m overdue a visit to Hitchcock’s oeuvre.

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        • So much Hitch to choose from. Have you seen “Shadow of a Doubt” recently. It’s early 40’s Hitch with Teresa Wright and Joseph Cotten as a sublimely nice villain.

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          • Probably not since the 1980s when I was writing a thesis on thrillers and spent a summer in the AV library watching everything I could lay my hands on, alongside two contemporary Kiwi thrillers both by women directors. Best few months ever.
            I think my favourite Hitchcock is probably The Lady Vanishes — it really is very very funny.

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            • Su, I love the original “Lady Vanishes”. The remake with Elliot Gould was a pale imitation. Margaret Rutherford badly missed.
              I also liked the original “The 39 steps” with Robert Donat and Madeline Carroll (Garry drooling over Carroll)


              • Hehe. I haven’t seen the remake (probably just as well 😀). I like The 39 Steps too. There was a remake of that about 10 years ago which was quite good.
                Funnily enough, I’ve been re-reading the John Buchanan novels. So terribly imperialist, sexist, classist, racist and of their time, but oddly entertaining.


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