My son recently got a very cool new ‘toy’ for his house. A “Sleep Number Bed.”

He raved about it and had us test it when we went to visit. Tom was instantly smitten. And why not?

It has two separate remote controls for each of us AND it connects to the internet via an app on our cell phones! What more could a man want from his bed? Maybe a cup of coffee delivered the moment he opens his eyes. But that technology is a few years away!

This bed is super complex. There are all sorts of pipes and God knows what else under there. There is even a light that turns on automatically when you get out of bed so you can see your way back and forth from the bathroom.

Technicians plugging in the wires under the bed

The set up was amazing to watch. Layer after layer went onto the base, including he mattress itself and the elements that fill with air to give support under the mattress.

The early stage of putting the bed together

The best part of this bed for me are the two remote controls. One is just for temperature settings but the other is a computer for bed comfort. You can raise and lower the foot of the bed and each side of the head of the bed, separately. I can be down in sleep position while Tom is way up in reading position. Instead of straining your neck on multiple pillows to watch TV or read, you just raise your head.

There’s a setting for watching TV with both the foot end and the head up that is so comfortable!! You feel cradled by your bed.

Remote on the left is for the bed and the one on the right is for the temperature control pad

You can also set the softness of the mattress and the level of ‘support’ you want. The air-filled compartments under the mattress give your back more or less support. So you have to find the best combination for you of mattress softness and air compartment support.

The remote and the phone App then chart your sleep and tell you how well you slept on those particular mattress settings. It charts periods of deep sleep, restless periods and the number of times you got up.

It also lets you know how effectively your body was supported and whether there were unwanted ‘pressure points’ on your body. The goal is to get rid of the pressure points and have your whole body maximally supported. When you first get the bed, you have to keep adjusting the mattress until you find your optimal settings for the best night’s sleep.

Another stage of bed setup

Another plus for this bed is that the mattress won’t begin to sag like our Temperpedic did. We loved our Temperpedic, but after a few years, Tom’s hips were in a ditch! With the new bed, you can control the air in the unit so you never lose your level of back support. The bed comes with a twenty-year warranty versus a five-year warranty for our last bed.

More bed setup

There’s an optional feature that you can buy that controls the temperature of your side of the mattress. You can either cool or heat your side of the bed, which is great because Tom is always hot and I’m always cold.

Tom says he had never stayed comfortable all night before he could cool his side of the bed. He used to wake up several times a night overheating. Now he only wakes up several times a night to pee – something this bed does not have a setting to control!

Heating pad and connection to control unit under the bed

At first, the dogs seemed confused when the bed started moving and making noise. They would raise their heads and look quizzical. They didn’t jump off and run away. They just realized that something weird was going on. After a few days, they got the hang of it. Now they don’t move a muscle even when their butt is raised up above their head or half of their body is up and the other half down.

So this new bed is going to be a fun toy for a while until it becomes routine and we don’t have to make adjustments every day. In the meantime, we eagerly await our morning sleep scores for the previous night so we can adjust our settings for the next night. We may never get tired of raising and lowering ourselves by remote control.

I certainly hope that we will actually sleep better. I keep forgetting that the bed is not meant to be entertainment, but a sleep enhancer. But for now, it’s a bit of both.

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  1. You know? I’ve been pondering the coffee on awakening and I think we could do it. Not with the Keurig, but with a regular, small Mr. Coffee or something similar. Set it up on a timer. Keep some kind of sugar and creamer on a little shelf and voila. The smell of the coffee would wake you up. You’d probably have to pour it yourself, though


  2. I’ve seen these beds advertised but didn’t completely understand how they worked or what they did so I enjoyed reading this post. It sounds great. I’d love to have one although I imagine they are quite expensive although I would only need a single. My bed is only a couple of years old so maybe by the time I need to replace it.

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  3. Sounds heavenly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Tom’s sleep is much better with the cooling unit. But my comfort and sleep levels are pretty much the same as my Tempurpedic bed. What I like are the moveable head and foot feature. Much better for my neck when I’m reading or watching TV.


  4. When you mentioned that you could control the bed with your smart phone I wondered about the possibility of being hacked. I could just imagine the torture of someone changing the settings on your bed while you try to sleep. It sounds like a wonderful bed and we may consider it when our tempurpedic wears out.


  5. What fun! Must be great to have such innovative inventions to give you the best sleep ever. 😃


    • I’m not sure my sleep is any better, because my Temperpedic bed was awesome for many years. But the cooling is a game changer for Tom – he is definately sleeping better. And the moveable head and feet makes reading and watching TV much better for my neck. I used to have to use three or four pillows to get comfortable and now I just push a button! ANd my neck doesn’t get stiff any more!

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  6. We got our moveable bed in 2000, the same year we moved into this house. It came with a 100% latex mattress. We didn’t get heat, but we got a vibrator that made Kaitlin laugh hysterically when she was little.

    It was also the MOST comfortable bed in the world for about 16 years, a little less so in year 17, and in its 18th year, it was obvious we needed a new mattress. We went with the cooling version of Temperpedic because we couldn’t afford a new latex mattress. We got a huge bargain on the first one because the company making them was brand new and they were trying to introduce the brand. It was very well introduced and sold to another company and then to yet another company and somewhere along the path of purchases, our lifetime guarantee flew away because the company just didn’t really exist anymore.

    I LOVE our mobile bed. We don’t have quite as much mobility as you have because our bedroom simply isn’t big enough for a king-sized bed, so we have to work together. Oddly, it hasn’t been a problem.

    When it was time to get a new mattress, I wanted the air mattress — our friends have one — but it was too expensive. I’m good with the mattress we got. It’s not going to last 18 years, but it’s comfortable and if we get seven or eight years from it, that will be okay.

    I’m always telling everyone that they need an adjustable bed and until they get one, they don’t understand what a huge improvement it is. I think everyone needs one. What an improvement for sleeping!

    Sleep well. It really is a better way to sleep!


    • We spend so much of our lives sleeping, it makes sense to spend money and get the best mattress we can. We had a Tempupedic, hich I loved, but it was sagging terribly and we needed a new mattress. I had never really thought about a moveable bed until David got his and raved about it. I talked to my chiropractor, and she says she has the same bed we got and swears by it. That recommendation is good enough for me! In addition to all the bells and whistles, my back will be happy!


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