RDP Friday: SHOP

I do not shop on Black Friday. Not now, not ever. But as it turns out, you may not go to the mall, but sometimes, shopping comes to you. In this case, because the boiler decided that this bitterly cold day is a good day to break down.

Last night, when we went to bed, the house was warm and cozy. When we got up this morning, the house was chilly. I finally went to check the thermostat and it was 55 degrees (12 degree Celsius) and the boiler wasn’t making that boiler noise we love to hear. It’s almost zero outside.

The new hot water system attached to the old boiler.

In my experience, the day your boiler doesn’t work is always the coldest day of the year. There may be colder days to come, but this one is a doozy. I’m wearing two sweatshirts over a long-sleeved wool dress and I have a heating pad behind my back. It’s still cold.

So we are indeed shopping, though why I don’t know. We had the boiler tuned and the igniter replaced in mid-July, so it should be good to go, no problem.

But it’s a big shopping day and here we are, bundled up in as much clothing as we can fit on our bodies. It’s not so cold that we are in danger of freezing to death, but it’s not comfortable, either.

If you don’t go shopping, not to worry. It will arrive at your place, carrying a bag of tools. Sometimes, you just can’t win.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

44 thoughts on “SHOPPING ON BLACK FRIDAY – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. Oh you poor poor guys. We just returned to our “fresh” house this mo from Switzerland …. it’s 17°C but with the timer it will be up to 20C tomorrow which is fine.
    Wishing you much warmth…. in every way! 🌡🌦🌫🌬❄

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      1. Aaawh, I see you rolling about – and I know I wouldn’t even have to wear 2 or 3 sweatshirts – I just couldn’t get them on my ample body…. So it better doesn’t get THAT cold. Is all well now? Hopefully so!!!


  2. I hope you get it fixed soon! Funny, last night I was cold so I checked my thermostat and the house was only 55 F. At some point in the day someone bumped into a switch that turned our furnace off (ir’s across from the washer, three feet away). It was a simple fix, but at 10 PM Thanksgiving day I was worried before I decided to try that switch!

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    1. The coldest day of the season is ALWAYS when the boiler goes off. Last time, it was the same thing here. Someone, maybe me? bumped into the switch. I switched it on and it worked. But this was actually gunk in the filter — and the unit was serviced in July, AND these are the only people from whom we get oil … so one way or another, it’s not something I’m going to pay for. I just paid off the service (and new igniter) in September. I’m not ready for another big fee.

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          1. We’ve had our heart go out for days. Wee got freshmen cold. Dead of winter and the boiler went down and they couldn’t fun b an expert to fix it. Wee went to my daughter’s for day time, she had a wood stove we were grateful for. Nights we curled up in blankets jackets hats and mitts. After a week of that I figured I’d never be warm again. Lol


  3. I feel your pain (and cold). Our power went out during our October Surprise snowstorm, and since the furnace was electric ignition, there was no heat – for a week! Thank heavens we had a small generator and could plug in a small space heater.

    As for Black Friday, I truly planned to stay in. But hubby was painting the downstairs bedroom (at my request) and ran out of supplies. Guess who got to make the hardware store run so he could continue working? Fortunately, traffic was light – I guess everyone decided to do their Black Friday shopping online.


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