Fandango’s Provocative Question #2

Okay. First, is there a difference? Isn’t wisdom something intelligent said by a white-haired old person sitting near a hearth fire? Or a casual comment from a kid translated by grown-ups to mean a lot more than it meant.

I read a bunch of definitions of the difference between intelligence and wisdom and basically, it boiled down to intelligence is using wisdom intelligently.

I think you can’t be wise until you turn 70. Certainly not before 60.

Can a child be wise? A child can say something that we interpret as wise, but wisdom from children isn’t wise because it isn’t intelligently thought out — unless we have some kind of super-genius child hanging around. We can act like it’s wise, but the kid didn’t think it was wise and likely doesn’t understand the concept of wisdom.
This reminds me of the Peter Sellers in “Being There.” He’s actually simple-minded, but everyone is convinced he’s very wise. They misinterpret everything he says and they are, by the end of the movie, ready to elect him president. If you haven’t seen the movie, see it. It’s eerily relevant and not in a good way.

I am not wise, but I’ve got a very smart ass. I think it’s possible Garry is wise. I’ll have to ask him when the next commercial break comes on.

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  1. Figuring out what is important in life can take wisdom but doesn’t require it, intelligence can give insight but also separate you from others leading to unhappiness. A cup of tea, I think


  2. I always wondered about the wisdom/intelligence of the late Steven Hawking.

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  3. “Being There.” An excellent choice to illustrate the difference between intelligence and wisdom…even if it’s only perceived wisdom. Unfortunately l, our current head of state has neither intelligence nor wisdom.

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  4. Ooo. I’m not yet 60, two years and counting (just about)…so does that mean I’m not wise? I have white hair and I walk around like someone who is 80, and a lot of folks THINK I’m wise…maybe I”m channeling Peter Sellers? I think wisdom is a perception and like all perceptions, subject to interpretation. I know I’m not wise, nor even very smart – and to me? That’s a kind of wisdom of its own -knowing that you don’t know is to know something valuable. Great perspective on this btw….you ARE wise, which is why I continue to read..

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