FOWC with Fandango — Haphazard

I know this isn’t the most recent prompt, but I missed it and today was just “that kind of day.”

I have spent my life trying to make sense of the chaos of life. We all think we are in charge until we realize we aren’t. In my world, every time I think I’ve finally got it together, that it’s all safely organized, neat, nothing haphazard … that’s usually when life goes off the rails and I realize that — again — the light at the end of the tunnel is indeed an onrushing train

Life is chaotic. We make sense of it when we can, but madness is always waiting around the corner. The unexpected, the unfathomable, the craziness waiting for us around the corner.

In my retirement, I have given in. I have no control and anytime I seem to be in charge I will shortly discover I’m not. Finally, I’m okay with it. I have survived the madness of life this long, so I will probably stagger through what’s left.

After all, the haphazardness of life it what keeps it from being boring. Bring on the chaos and the madness. Why should the future be different than the past?

I’ve officially joined the “what will be, will be” club. Whatever happens, happens. Since I can’t control it, there’s not much point in fretting about it.

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