Which Way Challenge: November 22, 2018

Haven’t been out on the road much, but I did manage to take a few shots when we were on our way back from Connecticut.  I knew I would need some road pictures. And here they are.

We got stuck in a couple of hours of non-moving traffic which always gives me time to take a few shots. Not great shots, but … a little something.

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  1. Great photos. Thank You.


  2. Most Australian capital cities are hard to get in and out of at peak times. Hobart has a one-way road system in the CBD. Traffic coming down the Southern Outlet into the city is bumper to bumper for about 4km in the mornings but only for about an hour although people who still do the commute tell me it’s worse than it used to be. The main problem is that due to the terrain and the fact that Hobart is an old city there are no alternative routes so if there is an accident on Macquarie Steet, the “in” street traffic will be delayed for hours. However, compared to what you have described on occasion I don’t think we have that much to worry about.


    • The roads were built when there were many fewer cars and a much smaller population. Unfortunately, we are stuck with the planning 100 years later and there’s nowhere to put new roads. That’s certainly the problem here.

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    • Boston was like that when i got here in 1987 and even easier when Garry moved here in 1970. But in the past 20 years … well … There are just three major roads into the city and they all bottleneck before you get into town. There’s NO place to park and the pay to park places cost a week’s groceries.


  3. What ever happened to “city planning”? We went into Toronto yesterday and spent about 4 hours – 2 each way on a trip that should have taken no more than 20 min. each way. Nobody was getting anywhere. It is a nightmare.

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  4. Wait a minute. That looks an awful lot like my SUV next to that Liberty truck, and I was home all weekend. I could’ve sworn it was in my driveway the whole time. Either hubby’s playing games with my car, or I’m getting senile. Unless, of course, Puppy Cody learned to drive – there was that one time when it seemed she took an awful long time in the backyard …

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  5. Ugh, the traffic on the highways is getting worse and worse by the year. Construction sure doesn’t help. I think these epitomize interstate travel in the US perfectly. Thanks for joining in this week. 😊

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