FOTD โ€“ November 25, 2018

Proving again that you really do need light to take pictures please enjoy the impressionistic photographs of my budding cactuses.

They are impressionistic because there was almost no light. I think maybe I’ll start a little earlier tomorrow.

Cactus bud

More buds

20 thoughts on “BUDDING CHRISTMAS CACTUS – Marilyn Armstrong

    • They don’t all bloom at the same time. Some years, they bloom early (sometimes even earlier!) … and as often, they bloom a couple of months late, like early spring. Mainly. DON’T water them unless they are totally, absolute desert dry.

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        • Almost everyone over-waters their plants. It’s an instinct. I have to slap myself around to stop myself from watering plants. Plants produce flowers when they think they are likely to die. Plants are the seed pods, so they will not produce flowers unless they are “pushed” to do it. You have to get a sense of your plants, how far you can push them without harming them.

          But remember: Christmas Cactus ARE cactus. They really don’t need much water at all. They retain water in their leaves and roots, so when you think they need water, they actually are already FULL of water. All succulents and cacti are like that. It’s the exact opposite of say, fuschia which can’t be allowed to go completely dry. I used to write about this stuff because for a few years I was the editor of the Doubleday Garden Guild and I learned a lot, just by reading all those manuscripts. And having like 400 plants growing in my house. It looked like a nursery.

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    • And a little more light will make a better one! The problem is, my macro lens is just an f2.8 and macros need more light than other pictures, probably because you are shooting close. No problem outside, but a real problem inside on a not-very-sunny day. This house is pretty dark.


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