FEEDING THE BIRDS – Marilyn Armstrong

We aren’t supposed to feed the birds. Not the swans or the pretty feathered ones. They are supposed to survive naturally. So I never put a feeder up. And I felt guilty every winter when I saw the poor frozen birds huddled in the bushes in the backyard.

This year, I said “Screw natural. We’ve destroyed their environment. We’ve killed the old forests and burned much of the rest. We’ve poisoned them with weed killer and let our pet cats eat millions of them every year … but we can’t feed them? Nuts to that.”

I decided it was the least I could do.

The latest climate report came out today. Because it’s Black Friday (which Garry called “Racist Friday”) and we are all supposed to be shopping (and no one I know actually was shopping at least partly because there aren’t a lot of places to shop), so maybe we’d miss that the entire report is nothing but bad news.

I wasn’t surprised. It has been pretty obvious that our environment is changing fast. Fires and floods. Spring and fall have gone missing. The bitter cold came too soon with snow in early November. Ocean water is more than 9-inches higher than it was 50 years ago.

There’s less snow in the mountains, so the drought in the west is probably permanent. It gets hotter and stays hotter longer each year and sooner rather than later, the crops will start to suffer. I think no matter how hard they try to manipulate the DNA for seeds, when it gets hot and stays hot, and doesn’t rain … the crops will fail.

People will die from the heat, die from lack of water. Eventually, people will also die from hunger. Rich people will survive longer, but sooner or later, the climate will get us all. Unless we go back to doing sensible things to deal with it. We can do it, but it’s not something any of us can do individually.

This needs to be a regional and national effort. This is why we have governments. They are supposed to care for us. It’s why we pay them money. I don’t think the idea was that we should pay them money so they can buy bigger private planes.

We need to get the big Orange Fool out of the White House and start taking care of our planet. While we can.

Meanwhile, I’m going to feed the birds!

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all of us!

21 thoughts on “FEEDING THE BIRDS – Marilyn Armstrong”

    1. I finally realized that being told to leave them to care for themselves when we have so destroyed their habitat is complete bullshit. So I’m feeding them and I’m pretty sure we have the fattest little birds in the woods.

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  1. You are so right. Feed the birds and the swan 🦢 too. The red one looks like it’s having a feast every day! A bird like the “Red” from angry birds!


  2. I am reading The Stand by Stephen King. Although not climate change, totally depressing. And we also have the experts that say don’t feed the birds, but I have been doing so for many years and they are thriving


    1. The winters kill a lot of birds, especially water birds. I can’t take on the whole valley, but at least the birds in my own piece of woods … I can feed them. And they are sure hearty eaters!


  3. Your idea is the best one I’ve heard. I’d feed the birds here, but there are rats who take advantage and rats are scary as hell (to me). And our birds ’round here have plenty of wild ‘food’ still…the wetlands and natural plants haven’t been eradicated totally (yet). I realize the end is coming; I’m hoping to see a few more good years before that though. And that orange asshole who thinks he’s King? May well be King for four more years because people still don’t give a good goddamn about anything important. So let us go feed the birds. At least we can do that and know it’s good.


  4. I knew it wouldn’t work but tried to copy and paste a photo of one of my bird feeders just this morning. There was a flock of bright orange and red House Finches at the feeder and below, cleaning up the spillage, was a bunny, 2 squirrels, a couple of Black-headed Towees and a whole COVEY of Quail!
    If there are any rats around, there won’t be any leftovers for them with this packed crowd!

    Hmmm, can we starve “rats” out of their homes???

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