The Changing Seasons, November 2018

Photos by Marilyn & Garry Armstrong

If you don’t think climate change is real, this has been a good month to check your sense of reality. Autumn started September 20th this year and since then, we’ve had 18 inches of rain, 9 of those inches in this month. November. Not generally a particularly wet month for rain or snow.

This is the autumnal part. Some of these were shot by Garry Armstrong, the rest by me.

And we’ve had both, as well as a bit of brilliant autumn. We were in Connecticut when the first snow came down. We came home to snow, then the temperature rose. It rained and then the snow melted.

First snow of the season!

At the beginning of the month, we still had fresh roses growing in the garden.

And then, the plants came down from their hooks and the bird feeders went up … and suddenly, the world was full of hungry birds!

My Christmas Cactus is blooming, my bird feeder is attracting literally flocks of birds. The rivers have risen to their peak and any significant additional rain will cause at least minimal flooding.

It’s been a wild and crazy month with icy cold, warm rain, heavy wind, snow and usually one sunny day at some point in the week. Or at least half a day, or a few hours.

We’re not supposed to get more rain — or snow — until Sunday, by which time it will already be December. Crazy month!

About The Changing Seasons

The Changing Seasons is a monthly challenge where bloggers around the world share what’s been happening in their month.

If you would like to join in, here are the guidelines:

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  1. You captured the light so beautifully in the autumn foliage pictures. I want to stare and stare!


  2. Wild month; beautiful photos. I really love the bird shots.


  3. The birds are giving you lots of delightful material Marilyn.


  4. Rose’s still in bloom? Wow. Nice to see with all the color changes in leaves.


  5. I’m astounded by the number of leaves in your neck of the woods, Marilyn. Regards. Tracy.

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  6. Beautiful shots…. lousy weather, but beautiful shots. 🙂

    Ok – maybe crazy is a better descriptor of the weather?

    The other side of my country has had large areas experience never before recorded heat wave records and massive bushfires. Because of the relatively low density population however, it probably will go largely unnoticed by the rest of the world (who have their own issues anyway). I saw a satellite photo of the fires – it showed over 1000 miles of coastline and half the map was smoke plumes from 138 separate fires. The plumes must have been more than 300 miles long carrying far out into the Coral Sea.

    In the televised evacuation warnings for residents the firestorms were described as similar to having a category 5 hurricane burning through your front door!! They create their own weather system/winds/firetornadoes. The official fire danger level issued at the time was ‘Catastrophic’ – that’s an actual bureau rating now.

    We are still a month away from when the hot weather really begins to kick in down here.

    Could be fun?

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    • Did you catch Orange Head’s explanation that in Norway, they rake the forest floor? It was news to Norway.

      It some point this year, almost ALL of California was on fire. It almost doesn’t make the news anymore. Of course California is on fire. Isn’t it always? There are sections of Europe — Scandinavia — ALSO on fire and who knows what’s happening in Africa and Asia? We don’t get their news very often.

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    • Should be fun, Bob.

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      • I am extremely thankful that my little part of this beautiful, but often dangerous and extreme, country manages to avoid the ‘fun’ bits. 😉

        I missed the raking the forest quote (Good luck with raking California?) but i heard about the ‘disgraceful’ fire management quote of his. When it comes to ‘disgrace’ – he wrote the book!

        On the bright side; i heard on our moring news Sudents in the larget of our cities – Sydney were following the examples of high school students in Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory (where our Fed Governments sits) in going on a days strike to protest our governments LACK of action on Climate Change issues.

        Do i smell a return to the days of 60’s protest marches in our youth today?? We can only hope.

        Has the school students’ initiative on Gun Control managed to sustain forward progress from earlier this year? have not heard anything lately?


  7. Yes, the climate change is real and is here for to see, that is, those who want to see.. lovely pictures. 😊

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