HOME BAKING – #WRITEPHOTO – Marilyn Armstrong

Delicious in the Snow – #writephoto

It was the third blizzard in only two weeks. The children had gone back to the oven where at least it was warm. They were tired of snowmen. The snowmen were tired of being snow people. At least two of them were banging on the front door, knocking relentlessly with their frozen, mittened hands.

She couldn’t let them in. They would melt. No matter how hard she tried to explain it to them, they didn’t get it. They just wanted to warm up. It could be very difficult to argue with snow people.

Actually, everything was trying to get into the house, by door, window, chimney or duct. The squirrels were lined up on the deck. Eating birdseed, but they clearly wanted something more solid. Also, maybe a nice cozy bed near the fireplace.

The bears hadn’t been hibernating like usual. Maybe there had been too many warm weeks mixed with the bitter cold ones. They’d been up and around. Hitting the trash bins with a vengeance. She was pretty sure they wouldn’t mind being her personal bear rugs as long as they got some of her baked goodies.

Worst of all, everything that walked, flew or crept was eating her house. That was the biggest problem with having a house made of gingerbread. No matter how solidly you sealed it up, anything with a mouth could gnaw its way in.

She sighed. Back to the kitchen. She needed to bake a new piece of roof and a replacement front step.

A woman’s work was never done.

24 thoughts on “HOME BAKING – #WRITEPHOTO – Marilyn Armstrong”

    1. If your whole house was one big baked dish, you’d bake. I don’t bake either unless it is one of those “just add water and stick it in the toaster oven” specialties. I’m too lazy and Garry and I don’t eat enough to make it worth the effort. No one else eats a lot either, so I can’t even give it away! Everyone is on a healthful diet. Imagine that!

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  1. brilliant! This has all the makings of a very atmospheric picture book – and I know they are the hardest genre to concoct (must be simple but deep, appeal to both children and adults etc), but this is so witty; has lots of potential for visual action and naughtiness, and then has a delicious surprise ending.


      1. it could be the prequel. The first house gets wrecked by various forces just as the witch is hoping to lure H and G. But then she bakes a bigger better one…This time she’ll get them.


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