A Photo a Week Challenge: Things withย Wings

I have a bird feeder on the back deck. Mostly, I see birds eating, but every now and again, one of them flies. I don’t get a lot of birds in flight, but I have some herons, seagulls, and the occasional little bird when my camera gets lucky and grabs a picture … often quite unexpectedly.

Shooting wildlife. Not merely birds, but any wildlife is difficult. It requires patience. I have a friend who shoots pictures of wildcats and mountain lions. I asked him how he did it.

He said: “Lots and lots of patience and a high-quality long lens.”

Luck helps too. Sometimes, there you are and the birds just take off. You just happen to have a camera ready. You can’t plan it, but it’s great when it happens. Makes you look like a genius and all you really did was point and shoot.

Chickadee in flight
Eat, then fly!
Taking wing
Two Chickadees, one flying


    1. I also have lighting issues. Shooting through glass is tricky — and it hasn’t been very bright. Mostly, it has been raining. For the last two days, it has been pretty nice, and I think maybe we have a couple of good ones coming up. Cold, but bright. Shooting through glass presents a bunch of issues, from dirt to focus to reflection and flashback … but at least there’s something to shoot these days ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m also shooting through very small areas of glass, so if I twitch wrong, I lose the picture because my lens is so extended, it doesn’t take much to lose the place. But I’m having a really good time trying ๐Ÿ˜€

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    1. Feathery and everything. It’s also so interesting that the movements are not even, but apparently, they find the air, so parts are up and others are down. Lots more flexibility than I expected. I’m learning a lot about birds.


    1. We were out all day, so I’m only getting to this now, but I’ll take a look. Today was the “first day” of Christmas in Uxbridge and the parade was being put together. At some point, we had to move our car and there wasn’t anywhere else to put it. But we’ve seen the parade many times. The preparation was really fun.


  1. This time of year i guess you’re not going to get strong enough light for faster shutter speeds at zoom ranges. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    I may just hafta get me a boidfeeder! ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. No, AND I’m shooting through a pretty narrow strip of window. I have been assured that when it gets cold enough, the birds won’t care if I’m out there or not. Of course, when it’s that cold, I won’t be out there very long, either.

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    1. You have to be insanely patient — or very lucky. I’ve been lucky a few times. The rest of the time, I stand still with the camera cocked in my hands and hope something flies by. I can’t do that forever, so either the birds show up, or I give up. With the feeder on the deck, though, it IS easier. More birds.

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