We went to get groceries, but we also brought cameras. Because we knew it was parade day and we didn’t have a lot of time. Also, the place we had parked was right in the parade route, so we were going to have to move before the parade.

But that was okay. We’ve seen the parade many times, but the preparations were so much fun!

No idea what the float was, but got some entertaining pictures. Garry says they look like the new political team for 45’s administration. They sure are a bunch of clowns!

We both want to know how they got all those people in that van!

This is as big a crowd as you will ever see in this town. These are the commons and this is most of the village. It was also nice to see everyone in a good mood!

Photo: Garry Armstrong
I think — but am not entirely sure — that the costumed kids were part of a play, but maybe they were just being kids – Photo Garry Armstrong
A crowd on the commons. I’m on the left, dressed in black – Photo: Garry Armstrong
Steaming! Photo Garry Armstrong

The petting zoo used to be provided by the people on our block, but they have retired. We have all grown older.

Hot dogs for the Uxbridge Fire Fighters – Photo Garry Armstrong
Garry taking a picture of the hot dogs for the firefighters – Photo Marilyn Armstrong
A little head-butting! Photo Marilyn Armstrong
More head-butting – Photo Marilyn Armstrong
The keeper of the flocks – Photo Garry Armstrong

There are a lot more pictures. Like three hundred, between the two of us. So I’ll add a couple more and more will go up as the month rolls along. It’s going to rain again tomorrow, but whenever we get a night without rain, I’ll go take pictures of the lights on the common. They will be up until the day after New Year’s Day.

And also hamburgers – Photo Garry Armstrong
A lot of the kids were wearing costumes. That’s new. Photo Marilyn Armstrong
North end of the commons – Photo Marilyn Armstrong

Welcome to the Christmas Season in our little town!

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

27 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS PARADE DAY IN OUR LITTLE TOWN – Marilyn & Garry Armstrong”

      1. Loved the head-butting. Good pic for boxing match. “Thrilla from Manila” and/or “Rumble In The Jungle” — Thank you, Muhammad Ali.


  1. I see Elmo and (likely) Cookie Monster from Sesame Street, The Grinch, Winnie the Pooh, Minnie Mouse, Olaf the snowman from the Disney movie Frozen (Which probably makes the princess in the dress Elsa). The later characters are all Star Wars themed. I have no idea what the Trojan/Spartan guy is doing there. He seems a bit out of place…


    1. I suspect we are VERY typical of small towns in New England. And for that matter, other small towns throughout the states. These are pretty small parades. Fire trucks. Politicians. Santa Claus. And kids from the high school all dressed up. Fund-raising for the firefighters. A petting zoo. There isn’t much else, but whatever we have, you’ll see it in the parade!

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    1. They are cozy and friendly. Everyone was in a fine mood, which is rare. We weren’t the only ones only there for the preliminaries. It was very cold and a lot of people just left as the sun went down. Especially since you could get your hot dogs and hamburgers before the parade began. AND the hot chocolate.


  2. Thanks for sharing with us! I LOVE that sort of thing…but they don’t do that up here. We just get lights … a lot of them. There’s a national park/reserve nearby which hosts a drive thru (or you can pay extra) and ride in a horse drawn sleigh. People come from all over to view the beauty, but you also have to deal with the idiots who don’t know how to drive on icy roads (it’s not snowy…oh heck no). And then there are the deer. They don’t like their park being invaded by a buncha idiots in cars…. But it’s lovely. Once a season anyway. Thanks for the beautiful photos (again), and I’m looking forward to seeing more of them! 🙂


    1. Truly, I think our pictures are more exciting than the actual event. The good thing is that everyone is in a good mood which is NOT typical. And tonight they have “fire in the falls” which are a bunch of oil barrels with fires in them. Actually, they will probably do it next weekend because — what a shock — it’s raining.


    1. I think it’s because a couple of business are sponsoring floats. It used to be just politicians driving by and waving which wasn’t very inspiring. Now we’ve got kids in costumes. No themes or anything, but I think if you own a costume, you’re IN.

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    1. This is Uxbridge at its liveliest. Doesn’t get better than this! Well, on years when we can afford fireworks, it gets pretty busy because people travel from town to town and since it’s the same people doing all the towns, you can catch all of them if you really want to.

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  3. Small town Christmas parades are very similar here too, fire engines, local kids dressed up and everyone is always in a good mood. Ours is in two weeks time I think. In Adelaide, there is a famous Christmas Pageant that was started in 1933 by the owner of a local department store. The store is gone but the local credit unions now sponsor the Pageant. I often went but my favourite thing to do was get to town really early and go down to the area where they were marshalling the floats. There would be pirates, fairies and all sorts of characters milling about after getting ready in a local school and it put me in the mood for the rest of the parade.


    1. That’s what we did. It’s hard to park later and it gets very cold and it can be hard to get out of town. There is, after all, only one road — Main Street. I think this is typical of small towns. It’s nice that more businesses are sponsoring little floats because watching the pols passing wasn’t very inspiring. They didn’t even wear costumes.

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  4. I think the Grinch stole Christmas!!! 🙂

    It’s great to see such Community Spirit, but the only thing i associate with Christmas that i saw was the Grinch’s red suit.

    I tried to buy an Advent Calendar today – like we used to have way back in the Good Old Days before (TOO much commercialism). It’s too much to expect to find one these days that has heartwarming traditional Christmas scenes painted in them, nowadays chocolate baubles are compulsory, but the first store i tried only had Disney characters on the front of theirs??

    No Jesus or Manger, 3 Wise Men. Not a Christmas tree, Angels or even a snowman in sight, No Santa, no elves, no holly and mistletoe or red breasted Robins. Not sure what the manufacturer’s think Advent means but i think there may be a Trade Descriptions Act being breached somewhere’s?

    We had our City Christmas Parade this weekend gone – no politicians thankfully and some lip service was done to the name Christmas – but not enough to be objectional in these times of multiculturalism.

    I tell a lie there… there has been a report that someone was offended by our planned little Christmas celebration before an estimated crowd of 200,000:

    Happy Kwanzaa, or whatever/however you celebrate December Solstice. 😉


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