SINGING ALONG – Marilyn Armstrong

RDP- Sunday – SING

When I was in college, I had a nice “little” voice which could occasionally sound pretty good — on a good day if something was in the right key. I have a deep voice for a girl and as I was a music major for a couple of years, I got used to hearing “girls on the right, Marilyn and the boys on the left.” My voice fits better with the guys.

At the Boston Pops

As I got older, I apparently spent too much time shouting and lost most of the voice I had, but I still love the sound of singing, especially duets. There’s something about the interweaving of high and low voices that is a delight to my ears.

15 thoughts on “SINGING ALONG – Marilyn Armstrong

    • I really can’t sing anymore. I sprained my vocal cords and never took the time to let them heal properly. I was working, I was a mother, and whispering for a year (a YEAR) wasn’t going to work for me. So I have good moments, but I really can’t sing more than a couple of bars before my voice fogs up.

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