UU Clock: A New Square for Becky B

Today, we actually got outside with cameras. It wasn’t raining and for a few hours, it was partly sunny. It was cold, but not bitter … and I needed prescriptions and some food. I’ve been waiting for the beginning of the month and the arrival of money and pickings were getting a bit thin.

Phew. We made it.

Uxbridge was holding its annual Christmas Parade, so not only did we get my prescription and groceries, but we got a place to park. We took about 300 pictures of the Commons as they were getting ready to start the parade.

And then … I saw the clock and a tower! I took pictures! Oddly, it came out square. I forgot that the only part of the old church that still functions is the clock.

Time on the steeple. Anyone want to buy a church? This one is for sale.

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  1. What a shame to lose these beautiful old churches. I bet the acoustics are fantastic. Does it still have an organ?


  2. It would make a great coffee house! Community gathering place!!


  3. What strikes me is the anachronism of a PUBLIC clock in a world where you can no longer find one. No clocks anywhere. Even time has become privatized. The disappearance of public clocks goes hand-in-hand with the retreat from the Common. BTW, this comment is made by an anachronism. I don’t own a cell phone. Don’t want one. I prefer the village clock that reminds us of our common human frailty in the midst of real time.


  4. That is a nice church and unusual that the clock still works as at the old churches I see usually the clock is usually not working. I believe that the type that several of our old churches use have to be sent to England to be repaired.


  5. Intriguing the clock still works!


    • It’s such a beautiful church. The problem is that it isn’t heated and it has no parking, unless you park at the library next door. And it is small. I hoped someone would buy it and fix it up, but it’s going downhill fast … but the clock still works!



  1. It’s about time! | Views from the Edge

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