Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Cactus Macros

Oddly enough, that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing! Between the birds at the feeder and the genuine macros on the Christmas Cactus, it’s been all close-ups and macros for several weeks … with a few more weeks to come.

Tonight, though, we’re going to make an excursion to see if we can get the light on the Common. It’s cold, but it’s very clear and as far as I know, we aren’t expecting any rain or sleet or snow … or for that matter, toads and frogs, descending from on high.

A good time for cameras for as long as we can stay outside. If there isn’t much wind, we have a little longer.

I can’t tolerate cold as I used to. I was always warm, but these days, I’m always cold … even when it isn’t all that cold. So I guess we’ll see. Maybe I’ll wrangle with the extremely warm by complicated heavy winter coat I own.

I never wear it because I can’t always figure out what all those buttons, zippers, elastic, cords do. By the time I manage to get myself into it, I’m exhausted and need a nap. We shall see!

Meanwhile … closeups and macros!

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11 replies

  1. It has a very pretty flower….


  2. I am loving your Christmas cactus photos. My cats, especially the younger one, would have a field day trying to get to the plant to, you know…..just check it out. Better to enjoy yours, so thank you for the beauty from afar!


  3. My Christmas cactus is still alive, the origial plant and it looks like the buds will soon be opening. The store has not more, they were only there for a day or two.


  4. Rose bought some of those recently. But ours are pink.
    She gave some away as gifts.


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