UPDATED: DRIP, DRIP, DRIP, PLUNK – Marilyn Armstrong

Da Prez is screaming “Witch Hunt.” Meanwhile, we wait. And wait.  Because we know there’s evil afoot. We want to know what kind of evil.

We want details.

We want to know.

Today we learned a little. It’s interesting that while the Fed – Mueller and associates – are not pressing down hard on Cohen, New York State is pushing for a substantial prison sentence. Garry — who has a tendency to be right about many things political — thinks it’s a “good cop, bad cop” thing except in this case, it’s “good judge, bad judge.”

Robert Mueller

Our chief mobster can pardon Cohen on Federal charges — of which there are very few with no jail time involved — but he cannot pardon him on those New York state charges. I don’t think there’s a lot of love in New York for Godfather Donzo and I’m not expecting a strongly positive reaction to another plea from Cohen. Or Donzo.

There was just so much news today. I haven’t fully processed it and neither has anyone else, probably because this is just the beginning and we aren’t entirely sure, but we can certainly make some solid guesses. What today’s filings on Michael Cohen said is that this is one bad dude. That not only was he a criminal, but he was in it for his own profit and did whatever he did from a position of privilege and power.

Godfather 2 in service to Godfather 1. Or, as Garry put it, “Cohen is one evil dude.”

What was 45’s reaction to it?

How does he figure that?

This is, to put it mildly, a peculiar reaction to the sentencing filings on Michael Cohen. Among many other things, Cohen says the president ordered him to do it.

Take-away from the Mueller document:

Individual 1 is Da Prez. Totally cleared? Seriously? But wait. There’s ever so much more!

And this is but the tip of a huge iceberg

I cannot help feeling that it’s about time we got a little feedback from the investigation. We have, after all, been enthusiastically supporting it even though we had no idea what was going on. We hoped and I think we hoped rightly.

I had to assume that something was indeed going on. I did not expect to get a final report saying “It really was a witch hunt and the poor, bedeviled prez didn’t do nothing wrong, just like he said.”

Michael Cohen

No, I assumed he had done everything wrong. It was more a matter of proof, evidence, facts, legal briefs. This has been a lot like Watergate times 20. I remember with joy the pleasure I felt as in Watergate, the dominos began to fall.

Drip, drip, drip … plunk … rattle, bang, bang, bang.

And they all fell down. Finally, down went the Top Dog. Never did I imagine we’d wind up back in this place again with even bigger and more dangerous fish to fry.

Aside from setting our country back to being a proper nation, we’ve got a planet to save, wars to end, an atmosphere to preserve. Oceans to clean and many kinds of wildlife to save from extinction. Medical care to make available to all. There’s barely anything that doesn’t need saving.

I’m going to go with “save the planet first,” but that’s only because if we lose the planet, nothing else will matter.

Maybe, along the way, we will save ourselves from extinction. That would be a nice touch.

I just wanted to add this last bit, in case you weren’t clear on what I’ve been getting at:

As Bump writes:

Linking Trump to knowledge of the payment and the payment to the campaign is important. One of the defenses that might have been offered by Trump is that he regularly had his attorney pay off women to keep their stories quiet. The government filing indicates that AMI and Cohen discussed the company helping to make such payoffs as early as 2014. But the references to the rationale behind the payments in 2016 and the inclusion of the phrase “at the direction” of the candidate bolsters the evidence that the McDougal and Daniels payments were not just run-of-the-mill behavior.

Given that Cohen indicated that the payments were meant to influence the election and that they came at the direction of Trump, Lawrence Noble, former general counsel for the Federal Election Commission, told The Post, “there is little question Cohen, the campaign and the candidate are liable for the campaign finance violations.”

There are no innocents in this mix. They are all guilty and one of my biggest questions remains: HOW FAR DID THIS CORRUPTION GO? How many people — senators, military men, lawyers, wheelers and dealers, were paid to let the Russians play tiddlywinks with our electoral process?

To say that all politics is corrupt is maybe partially true, but this is not only corrupt. This is actively treasonous.

Actively treasonous and not just the president and his close little circle, but his whole “ring of thieves.” Nixon’s crime was a cover-up. This isn’t a cover-up. This is an active attempt to gain the services of an enemy foreign power to win the American presidency.

That’s treason and I don’t care how you spell it. I don’t merely want to “know more.” I want the whole story. Paragraph by paragraph.

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24 replies

  1. What amazes me is how silent the Repubs are as they also get this news. But I guess they’re busy controlling votes in various parts of the country. How did they get like that?

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    • Martha, The GOP is getting more and more nervous. I wonder why? How many will take falls before they get to the top?

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      • I don’t see any signs of them cleaning up their acts — but I have backed off from the news to some extent. The Dems need a viable candidate and it won’t be Hillary, Pocahantas (sp) or Bernie. I’m fairly scared and disgusted.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Bernie basically said he doesn’t want to run. I don’t think Warren wants to run, either. They both feel they are too old and I don’t think the Dems are stupid enough to run Hillary again. They have NEVER run a twice-losing candidate for a third time and I don’t think this will be an exception. AND she is too old. It’s going to be someone entirely different. It might be a good thing. I sure as hell hope so!

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  2. A lot of “stuff” going on and they keep you in the dark? Not fair…

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    • Leslie, a lotta stuff happens on weekends. There’ll be a tweet tsunami between now and Monday morning. Maybe he’ll get bone spurs in his tweet digits.

      Meantime, Donzo is furiously asking, “What happened to my special order of Mickey Dee Double Cheese Burgers, Curley fries and Orange Smoothie?” The secret service is on it.

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  3. Yes! Drip, drip, drip, boom, boom, boom! In both chronos and kairos time, it’s time for the boom. Long past time! But we can hear the sound of it even before it happens. Individual #1 doesn’t read. We know that. Once again yesterday, he didn’t read. The “undisciplined” (Tillertson) man who doesn’t read may about Individual #1 before firing up a twitter storm the Oval Office. Sadly, but expectedly, the matter of Individual #1′ high crimes and misdemeanors will fall to Congress AFTER the POTUS’s party hands the Speaker’s gavel to Nancy Pelosi. Mitch McConnell will cry “foul!” because he’s a fowl, and we’ll spend the next two years preoccupied with impeachment proceedings.

    In both existential time and public time it’s time to major in majors. At the top of the list is the habitability of the planet itself. As you say, Marilyn, all other legitimate concerns wash away without a sustainable Earth — and a public that demands it.

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  4. And to add to the horror, Pence is waiting in the wings.

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  5. “Totally clears the President. Thank you.”

    Totally demonstrates that the President is delusional and has lost all touch with reality. Thank you.

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  6. Wow — I hadn’t heard much news today except that it was a big news day and the pundits were trying to figure it out! I guess it was a big news day!

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    • it is, I think, the beginning of what we have been waiting for. Mueller is a very careful worker. VERY careful. If he rolls it out, it’ll stick. I am really reminded of Watergate where I actually bought radio and listened to the coverage all day at work, then on TV at night at home. I was SO happy when the dominoes fell. I’m less happy now because there has been such significant damage to the world and the country. This isn’t going to be a quick fix, but at least it is beginning to roll out.

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