SQUAT? – Marilyn Armstrong

RDP Saturday – SQUAT

Squat. Once upon a time, it was a thing. Now, it’s “fall on your ass” time. A squat and a collapse are indivisible.

I go down that low? I fall over. Unless I have something solid with which to pull myself back up? I’m going to stay there until someone comes by to offer me a hand.

But the dogs really enjoy having me on the floor. They consider it the most fun they’ve had all day. Maybe all week.

I am less enthusiastic.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all of us!

23 thoughts on “SQUAT? – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. Thinking of squat and dogs, when one of us gets back from a walk and says something like, “Idina didn’t do squat!”, it is obvious what we mean (she was a rescue and is the least housebroken dog we’ve had, so it is a good thing when she does squat when on a walk 😉 ).

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    1. Trent, reminds me of my short-lived stint in the USMC. We’d return from a 5 mile double time hike — fully loaded down with gear. Gasping, one of the “boots” would say, “Sarge, we’re gassed. All done in”. The DI – with straight face and sharp voice would respond loudly, “You Ladies ain’t done SQUAT. Gimme another 5 miles — Double Time — Hut!”

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      1. lol That does sound like the Marines… The closest I got was being in Nave ROTC for a couple of years – about a quarter of us were headed to the USMC, so they had a Marine drill Sargent and all, but we weren’t forced to work the way the “grunt” enlisted were.

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        1. Trent, the Marine stint left me in the best shape of my life. Unfortunately, my bad hearing earned me an honorable/medical discharge. Still, I AM PROUD TO HAVE WORN THE UNIFORM.

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          1. I am sure you are – I know that their saying of “The Few. The Proud. The Marines” was more than just advertising. I’m sure I wasn’t cut out for it and wouldn’t have made it past the first week!

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            1. Garry was a wonderful and terrible marine. He laughed at the D.I.’s because they acted just like the actors in the movies and he was permanently on KP and cleaning bathrooms with a toothbrush. But if he hadn’t been deaf, they’d have put him up for an officer because he was smart and motivated — as he is with everything in his life. He’d have been a great military man, but then I’d have missed the best part of MY life. So better this way!

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              1. My ROTC time was supposed to end in a commission as an officer, but after spending a summer on a sub (I went Navy because back then I wanted to be a nuclear engineer…) I discovered that the military life wasn’t for me. However, spending half of that summer in Connecticut, with a weekend drive to Maine, I also discovered that New England -was- the place for me.

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                  1. Not too bad, even for someone like me who is slightly claustrophobic – didn’t feel it at all. But I did get very restless – even back then I took a very long walk every day. And no, I did not want to do a long walk with a full pack at double time 😉 There was some parts that were cool (like war games where we “sunk” the other side’s carrier and they never found us) and it was interesting, but I did discover that it wasn’t the life for me.

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