A Photo A Week Challenge: Lit from Within

The glowing light from within is special. The light in the pumpkin, the light in the teepee. The light within the globe of a lamp or inside the lampshade.

The glow of lights at night in Boston’s theater district
The glow of buildings on the Commons before Christmas
The city glowing at night

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

17 thoughts on “ILLUMINATION – THE LIGHT FROM WITHIN – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. One of my favourite pass-time occupations is walking in the evenings when all the Christmas lights and decorations are up. Sadly due to my total night-blindness these walks have become infrequent but right now I’m in Switzerland for a few days and I marvel at the restrained but oh in such good taste balcony and window decorations. In France such things don’t appeal to people but we have lovely street decorations and our nights are filled with a kind blue light from every street lamp. The best (or worst, depending on your view) decoration we saw in England – they REALLY go overboard and although often it’s garish (too much, too much blinking, too may colours), we had a ball going for evening walks and often putting money in a donation box. The English are mostly such good people that they create huge installations and then set them up for a good cause….

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    1. There is less decoration around here than there was closer to the city, probably because there is just less traffic. We have a little bit, enough so you can see it from the road, but I gave up the complicated stuff. The weather made it difficult to remove when the season ended … too much snow … and there really isn’t much traffic to enjoy it. But I enjoy it, at least inside.

      Switzerland LOOKS like a Christmas card ALL year round!

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      1. Agree….. and I’m there right now (for another few hours before returning to France) – what strikes me EVERY TIME, is the love to detail and the great pain people take to make everything just so lovely….. We’re VERY fortunate indeed to be Swiss and we thank our lucky stars for this privilege. Many of those ever complaining Swiss should be obliged to live for a bit elsewhere – they’d be surprised at JUST HOW GOOD they have it. Peaceful country, very high living costs but also good salaries, you are allowed to have an opinion and say it without repercussions, clean transports, freedom of faith and conviction, a rather beautiful country….. and LOVELY Christmas decorations right now! 🙂


    1. You need to let the autofocus do most of it. My eyes aren’t great either, so I set it to “P” which is very close to iAuto, but gives you a little more flexibility and let it do its own focusing. If you have trouble with it, shoot more. Seriously. If you shoot a LOT, some of them will be brilliant and will surprise you.

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    2. I take loads of pics with my smartphone – they turn out brilliant – and NEVER use the flash! Good luck – Marilyn is right, with digicams it’s so easy, you take lots of shots and delete (immediately) the baddies…. Happy Advents’ Days with lots of twinkling lights 🙂

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